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Algebra Alcove

Jones Hall, Room 147

Kathy Wellborn, Coordinator of Learning Support

(970) 247-6392 or (970) 247-7164

Hours: M – F, 9:00 am – 5:00 pm
Click here for the Algebra Alcove Schedule

Free to all FLC students

An overwhelming number of students tell us math was their least favorite subject in high school. Staffed by freshman math teachers and trained peer educators, the Algebra Alcove helps students do better in their math classes by developing their confidence and skill sets. Students enrolled in any freshman math class (TRS 82, TRS 92, Math 105, Math 110) may work with tutors just by showing up.
Tutors assist students with:
    •    Homework
    •    Exam and quiz review
    •    Supplemental instruction
    •    Problem-solving classes
    •    Meeting the Colorado Assessment Law standards

Math Assistance Center-MAC

Berndt Hall, Room 700

Vera Furst, Coordinator
(970) 247-7169
Hours: posted on door
Click here for the Math Assistance Center Schedule

Free to all FLC students

When enrolled in the Math Department courses (Math 113, Math 121, Math 221, Math 222, Math 223, and above), students can go to this drop-in tutoring center to get help from both faculty and students.

Additional Mathematics Learning Support 

Math Independent Studies (MIS)

Leslie Goldstein, Instructor
(970) 247 7161

Math Independent Studies classes (MIS)  are designed to help Fort Lewis students develop essential math skills through individualized instruction so they are prepared for success in their College Math Courses.

Students can enroll in MIS if they are having difficulty in a math class, failing a course, want to be more successful in their Math and Science courses; or can’t enroll in a needed math class.

In an MIS course, students can get individualized Math tutoring in Arithmetic, Geometry, Algebra, Trigonometry, or Pre-Calculus, while earning 1, 2, or 3 course credits, and because it's a late–registration course, students can enroll during the semester--whether or not they are currently enrolled in a Math Class-- and get individual help to succeed in their current or future Math classes. 

In an MIS class an individualized study plan is created for each student so they have the opportunity to develop math skills through one-on-one instruction and by using ALEKS, an online assessment and tutorial program. Regular progress checks with the instructor help keep MIS students on track and motivated.

Although MIS will not replace any mathematics requirement or change current math placement, a student can earn college credits and develop skills necessary for success in their Mathematics Courses.

Students enrolled in statistics courses (Math 201, BA 253, or ES 242) should contact their professor or teaching assistant for individual or drop-in help sessions.

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