Frequently Asked Questions by Prospective Tutors

What times are tutors needed?
The beauty of our tutoring program is its flexibility.  The exact times and locations for individual tutoring sessions are arranged between the tutor and the tutee.  The two of you are free to arrange the when, where, how long and how often at your own discretion.  I work to connect tutors and tutees, and leave the scheduling to you.  Many instructors like to have regularly scheduled drop-in tutoring sessions that tutors also staff.

How many hours a week would I need to work?
We ask tutors and tutees to commit to meeting at least once per week, for at least an hour.  Most tutor/tutee relationships do exist this way, where they meet once a week for an hour.  Others will meet less regularly and only as needed (i.e. one hour this week, no hours next week, three hours the following, etc).  Others will meet once per week for more than an hour, or twice per week for an hour each time.  Again, this is totally up to you and your tutee to decide what works best.  Most tutors work anywhere from 2-10 hours each week on average.  We ask that you do not work more than ten hours in a given week unless you receive permission from me first (to ensure funds are available).  Anytime a student requests a tutor, I always confirm availability with the tutor before I assign them.  In other words, I won’t throw fifteen tutees at you without talking with you first.  You and I can talk about your scheduling needs and I’ll work within your parameters.  I also have a number of tutors who staff drop-in study sessions for various courses.  These sessions last 1-2 hours per meeting and are generally held once a week.

What training is required?
Every tutor is required to attend New Tutor Orientation, which occurs once per semester over one Saturday and two weekday evenings for a total of 11 hours of training.  You are paid for these hours.  The Tutor Orientation will give you basic information about the program for which you will be tutoring and the students they serve. You will receive hands-on training on how to enhance student learning abilities and their knowledge of the subject matter. We will also give you the opportunity to complete self-analysis exercises that will help you better understand how you interact with others and how to identify the specific needs of the students you will be working with. Mandatory trainings are typically held within the first month of the term and include the following three sessions:

Training Schedule:
 Mandatory Tutor Orientation (6 hours)

CRLA Training: Diversity Awareness (2.5 hours)

CRLA Training: Disbility Training (2.5 hours)

How much do tutors make?
New tutors start at $9.00 per hour.  Once you’ve completed the training and accumulated 25 hours of actual tutoring time, you will be CRLA certified and receive an additional 50-cent raise.  You receive one paid hour per month for preparation time per class that you tutor.

Is this work study or regular hourly?
If you qualify for work study and have funds available, we’d be glad to use them. If you are not work study eligible or are eligible and are not able to use those funds, we pay you as a regular hourly student worker. You are paid once per month, on the 15th of every month for the previous month’s hours.

More questions?  Ready to apply?
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