Request a Tutor‚Äč

Carol Smith, Associate Vice President for Enrollment Management
Kroeger Hall, Room 204
(970) 247-7265

Hours to drop off request for tutoring or application to tutor:

  • M – F, 8:00 am – 5:00 pm

Hours to meet with Carol Smith:

  • M - F, by appointment

Want to improve your grades and meet new people? FLC students who receive tutoring tell us they would recommend it to their peers as a sure way to get better grades. Your tutors who are recommended by your professors are specifically trained to:

  • Help you discover your learning style and assist you according to the way you like to learn
  • Offer a relaxed study environment
  • Replace test anxiety with confidence
  • Track your progress toward your academic goals
  • Connect what you learn in class with what you already know
  • Show you how to improve your memory
  • Organize your time for maximum efficiency in your study sessions
  • Know how to pull out the most important information from your textbooks
  • Give you skills toward becoming an independent learner - making your own decisions and working for your own approval
  • Take the time to clear up any confusion in order to build your understanding and knowledge
  • Help students from different cultures and backgrounds than their own
  • Help students with learning disabilities

It’s our belief that no one succeeds alone, and our peer educators offer their best strategies on how to pass difficult classes.