Frequently Asked Questions from Students Seeking Tutors

Which courses can I receive tutoring for? 

The Tutoring Center supports any 100-level and 200-level courses, upon exception, for which support is not available elsewhere on campus.  Peer tutors are on staff for the most in-demand courses.  If you request a tutor for a class that a tutor is not on staff or available for, we do everything we can to recruit and hire someone to work with you.

Which courses have learning support elsewhere on campus and are not supported by the Tutoring Center?
    •    Math courses (such as TRS 82, TRS 92, Math 105, & Math 110) are supported by the Algebra Alcove.
    •    Math courses (such as Math 113, 121, 210, 221, 222, & 223) are supported by the Math Assistance Center.
    •    Composition courses (such as TRS 90, TRS 91, Comp 125, Comp 126, & Comp 150) are supported by the Writing Center.
    •    Language courses (such as ML 115, 123, 135, & 147) are supported by the Language Lab.
    •    Spanish courses (such as ML 115, 116, 215, & 216) are supported by El Centro.
    •    Contact your instructor for more information on support for any 300-level or 400-level courses.

Who are the Tutoring Center tutors? 

Your peers!  The Tutoring Center tutors are fellow students who come highly recommended by Fort Lewis College faculty.  They undergo intensive training and many are certified by the College Reading Learning Association.   All tutors have completed the course(s) for which they tutor and earned an A- or above.

How often will I meet with a tutor?
At a minimum, you will meet with your tutor for one hour per week.  Many tutors are available more than this, so feel free to talk with him/her about increasing the number and/or duration of your weekly meetings.

Does it cost anything to work with a tutor?

No!  All tutoring services are completely free.

When should I request a tutor?

Anytime!  It is suggested to start working with a tutor at the beginning of the semester, but we field requests all semester-long.  The earlier in the term you submit your request, the higher the likelihood that someone will be available, and the less time it will take to get you connected with that person.

How do I request a tutor?
Complete a Tutor Request Form and submit it to the Tutoring Center in room 105B Jones Hall, or email it to Matthew Krichman at or  You may also pick up and complete a form in person at the Tutoring Center.  Once it has been confirmed that a tutor is available, that person’s contact information will be emailed to you, usually within just a couple of days.

Do I have to request a tutor in order to attend a drop-in session?
No.  Drop-in tutoring sessions are available on an as-need basis throughout the term.  You do not need to sign up ahead of time.  Simply show up and someone will be there to help.