Adventure Education

Adventure Education Professional (Graduate) Outcomes


AE graduates will be able to apply their learning by…
I Using Adventure Broadly: 
A Have the knowledge, skills, and attitudes to work professionally in a variety of educational, developmental, and therapeutic adventure programs for which a 4-year Bachelor’s degree is sought, to help others develop interpersonal and intrapersonal skills, pedagogical skills, environmental awareness, and connections to the natural world.
  1. Competent at planning, leading and instructing longer expeditions (10+ days) in a variety of remote environments, using a variety of elements
  2. Competent applying adventure concepts and experiential methodology to indoor and built environments (i.e. classroom, ropes courses).
  3. Able to use adventure education to promote ecological understanding, environmental sustainability and conservation of natural resources.
II Developing Excellent Programs and People:
B Use current best professional practices and research skills to help programs and individuals achieve high quality.
  1. Graduates are inspired and continuing learners who are able to inspire others to learn about self, others, the environment, and the world community.
  2. Graduates are change agents able to promote equitable, inclusive, and socially just working relationships and programs.
C Engage in continuous personal and professional development
III Using the Liberal Arts Experience, Including Critical Thinking, to…
D Analyze, interpret, and apply academic knowledge, theory, and concepts to problem solving and professional             practice.
E Make ethical decisions and choices, personally and professionally, using a variety of objective resources.
F Engage in informed intellectual discourse, including analyzing and questioning prior assumptions.
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Consider an Adventure Education Major at Fort Lewis College

THE REWARD will be changing lives, including your own.

  • Are you drawn to active learning that is challenging both physically and intellectually?
  • Do you have a curious and inquiring mind?
  • Are you committed to the process, sometimes 24/7, of becoming an Adventure Education professional?

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