Ian Ringgenberg

Academic Success Advisor

Bachelor of Science in Anthropology, Iowa State University
Master of Science in Interdisciplinary Graduate Studies (Higher Education, Sociology, Journalism & Mass Communication), Iowa State University

Relevant Experience
Academic advising at Fort Lewis College since September 2011
Graduate Assistantship in High Ability Recruitment at Iowa State University
Countless university activities, involvements, and a lasting passion for the college experience

Advice for College Success
Check your email. Get more out of your college experience by planning a variety of courses and activities each semester that allow you to engage multiple interests rather than just focusing on your major or career path. Your future employers will value you more for your critical thinking and experiences than for your memorization of the French monarchy or the essay you wrote about the theme of death in Shakespeare, so challenge yourself to expand your horizons beyond the classroom. And don’t forget to check your email.