The Office of Admission and Advising and the Office of Alumni Relations is pleased to offer a program to help alumni get involved with Fort Lewis.  The Alumni Ambassador program will connect alumni and prospective students as a way to promote the Fort Lewis experience. 

We are currently asking for Fort Lewis College graduates to help promote the College in a variety of ways. In doing so, we seek to provide prospective students and their families with current, personalized information on the Fort Lewis experience. 

The alumni volunteer program attempts to maintain and increase the level of involvement, enthusiasm and professionalism of trained volunteers.  The Office of Admission and Advising and the Office of Alumni Relations work in concert to plan and administer the program as a volunteer service opportunity to the Fort Lewis College alumni.

The program is open to all Fort Lewis Alumni who are employed in a professional career.

The program has two components:

Calling Program

One of the key roles our Alumni Ambassadors will play is interacting with admitted students.  Prospective students and their families appreciate the opportunity to learn from college alumni.  Your experiences and reflections on FLC will help students understand if FLC is a good match for them.   Alumni Ambassadors are asked to call a pre-determined list of prospective students who have expressed an interest in Fort Lewis College. Ambassadors will be equipped with a variety of tools to assist them in providing the prospective student with the most accurate, up to date information. Calls will be made between the hours of 3pm-8pm and will primarily occur between March-June. 

Recruitment Events Program

Dave Cole '85

The Office of Admission and Advising has developed a series of Open Houses, Information Sessions, and Preview events for prospective and admitted students.  We typically hold 8-12 of these events per year.  The majority of the events are in Durango, but we have held events in some of our big markets such as Denver, Boulder, Albuquerque, Flagstaff and Phoenix.  The events are typically 60-90 minutes in length and provide opportunities for a variety of FLC representatives (i.e., faculty, staff, students, alumni, board members, etc) to speak directly about Fort Lewis.  Each representative usually speaks for 5-7 minutes and then will field questions from the audience. 

The other primary component to this program are college fairs. College fairs are generally sponsored by high schools and include a variety of colleges and universities together in one place for students and parents to investigate. The programs are usually held in the evenings between the hours of 6:00 p.m. and 9:00 p.m and are usually two hours in length.

Alumni Ambassadors, as representatives of Fort Lewis College, are assigned a table in a large open area and will chat with students, parents and counselors who will ask questions and gather printed materials about each school. Ambassadors will be equipped with all the necessary materials and information to successfully represent Fort Lewis College. 

Benefits to Alumni Ambassadors

Upon successfully completing one year as a program participant, Alumni Ambassadors will receive:

  • Free admission to special FLC events and programs (FLC Homecoming Game, Colorado Rockies

    baseball games, etc.)
  • A certificate of appreciation signed by the Fort Lewis College President
  • FLC “swag” (i.e. t-shirt, polo, water bottle, sweatshirt…etc.) that will increase in value for each subsequent year of participation.
  • Special recognition on FLC website, faculty and staff newsletter and alumni newsletter.
  • Reception event during Homecoming.

How to Participate

If you are interested in either of these programs, you can register here

For more information, contact Kelli Brush (970)247-7168 (