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By formal agreement with the Board of Trustees of Fort Lewis College, the mission of the Fort Lewis College Alumni Association is to advance and support the College; develop and strengthen lifelong relationships among alumni, students, friends and the Fort Lewis College community; and serve as a catalyst for communication, involvement and giving.

The Alumni Association strengthens the Fort Lewis College family by:

  • Serving as a public relations arm of the College, generating good will for the College by making other people aware of the College’s programs and offerings
  • Offering social, service, and educational programs for alumni through which they may maintain contact with the College and with friends and acquaintances in the Association
  • Offering a bi-directional communications channel between alumni and the College;
  • Supporting the advancement of Fort Lewis College through the encouragement of donations by alumni to support worthy efforts aimed at improving the College, including Alumni Association grants and scholarships, and through the influencing of philanthropic and governmental bodies to be positively inclined toward the continuing support of Fort Lewis College
  • Advocating for Fort Lewis College in the recruitment of students;
  • Advocating for Fort Lewis College with members of the Colorado legislature on matters specifically affecting the quality of life at the College
  • Creating opportunities for Fort Lewis College alumni to give back to their communities and the Fort Lewis College community through participation in worthy service projects
  • Serving the Fort Lewis College President, Vice Presidents, Deans, and other officers by supplying alumni voice(s) to serve on College committees, task forces, or other bodies which are aimed at improving the College; and
  • Providing career-oriented counsel and networking to alumni and students who seek such assistance.

Fort Lewis College Board of Directors Class of 2012-13

Term Expiring 2013 (four 4-year seats per old bylaws)
Heather Knight ’07  
Tom Vose ‘83 

Term Expiring 2014 (four 4-year seats per old bylaws)
Craig Hakes ‘02 Interim President
Christy Caflisch ’99
Molly Morris ’96

Term Expiring 2015 (four 4-year seats per old bylaws)
Keith Ray ‘91
Nicole Pearson ‘10
Deborah Uroda ‘80
Jeff Speicher ‘92

Term Expiring 2016 (four 3-year seats per new bylaws)
Matthew Nichols ‘89
Marchell Fletcher ‘79
Elveta Bishop ‘76

Ex-Officio Members:
Dr. Ron Estler
Faculty Representative

Alex Thompson
Student Representative

David Kerns ’03
Director of Alumni Relations

Heather Atencio Zambrano '00

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