Every year, the Alumni Association provides scholarships to the children and grandchildren of Fort Lewis College alumni and former students. It is only through the generous contributions of alumni that these scholarships are possible.

The deadline to submit all materials for the following academic year is February 15th

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  1. Two scholarships are available: Alumni Association Scholarships and Old Fort Scholarships.
  2. Any child or grandchild of an alumnus/alumna of Fort Lewis College is eligible to apply for scholarships. An alumnus/alumna of Fort Lewis College is defined as a person who has attended a minimum of two years or four terms at Fort Lewis College. First consideration for Old Fort scholarships are to descendants of persons who attended the Old Fort campus.
  3. The SCHOLARSHIP applicant must have a 2.7 cumulative grade point average and carry an average of 30 credit hours for the fall and spring semesters. 
  4. In addition to the Application Form, all applicants must submit the following supplemental documents:
    1. A full page letter or essay describing why you feel you are a good candidate for the scholarship.  
    2. Copies (need not be official) of all high school and college transcripts.
  5. Recipients of scholarships must complete a minimum of 15 credit hours per term to be eligible to retain the scholarship in subsequent terms/years. Recipients must also submit a letter of thanks once they are notified of their scholarship and must agree to help the Alumni Association at a minimum of one special event or with one special project.
  6. The value and the overall number of scholarships given, varies dependent upon available funds.
  7. Scholarships will be made for (1) academic year (fall and winter terms) and are not automatically renewable; Recipients must re-apply for the scholarship each academic year.
  8. Both nonresident and resident students may apply on an equal basis.


  • Read the scholarship criteria carefully to be sure you qualify.
  • Complete the application and include the requested supplemental materials.
  • Use our Online Application Form or return the PDF Application Form and supplemental materials by the deadline to:

Fort Lewis College

1000 Rim Drive
Berndt Hall Office 2201
Durango, CO 81301-3999

(970) 247-7121 (phone)
(970) 247-7175 (fax)

The deadline to submit all materials for the following academic year is February 15th