Anthropology Department

Hannah Miller - Class of 2008

Hannah MillerI graduated from Fort Lewis College in May of 2008 with my BA in Anthropology. I am currently attending graduate school at San Francisco State University, studying on the Bioarcheology track under the advisement of Dr. Cyntha Wilczack. In addition to going to school and beginning work on my thesis, I also work. Currently I am working with Jeff Fentress, doing what he calls “Box Archeology”. It basically entails all of the research on those sites which we are now the custodians of. This involves not only researching the sites, and what we have in our collections, but trying to reconstruct what was going on in sites usually uncovered with heavy equipment. It’s research, and cataloging, analysis and more research. In a place like the San Francisco Bay area, where we have sites dating back 10,000 years and almost no federally recognized tribes, NAGPRA is a huge undertaking. I have been hired by the Office of Repatriation to work on their newest project; the job will last for about 2 years. Archeology in the middle of a major city is no small task, where graders bring up artifacts and archeologists are left to pick up the pieces. Regardless of all these complications I still get a thrill with each box I open, each site report I read. That’s what is important in the long run, loving what you do, even when you hit every snag imaginable.