Anthropology Department

Jane Cobb - Class of 1995

Jane CobbHaving a degree in Anthropology has helped me so much in the real working world!  I currently work as an RN, and I feel like I am using my degree every day.  I have learned the art of providing culturally competent care, as my training in Anthropology has continually helped me to understand human behaviors.  I am able to provide health care while maintaining my sense of curiosity about people and their cultures.  I have traveled to Laos and Uganda to work as a nurse, but honestly do not feel my work could have been as effective had I not known to be a careful observer of the individual, political, historical, and environmental pressure these people face.  Furthermore, I feel that the Anthropology program at FLC provided me with excellent writing skills, and gave me an advantage when seeking an internship fresh out of college.  I was one of six chosen out of 200 applicants for an internship at the Population Institute Washington, D.C. upon graduation.    I was then quickly recruited to work for a social marketing campaign to analyze field data for a USAID funded program.   Had I not decided to go into nursing, I would definitely be at the top of my game working in the field and traveling afar.  18 years later, I am enrolled in a Master’s program to become a Certified Nurse Practitioner.  I still am so thankful for my degree in Anthropology, as I have an educational and humanistic edge above others when it comes to providing holistic care.