Anthropology Department

Molly (Bartlett) Nettleingham - Class of 2012

Molly (Bartlett) NettleinghamI graduated from Fort Lewis College in May, 2012 with a Bachelor's degree in anthropology. My experience at Fort Lewis College transformed my life. I gained vast knowledge in all the fields of anthropology, but I found a love for biological and forensic anthropology. My focus narrowed down to those two fields. After I graduated, I got married and moved to Loveland, Colorado. Thanks to Dr. Mulhern at Fort Lewis College, I was able to start working at France Casting in Fort Collins, Colorado. France Casting is a business that provides high quality skeletal replicas for schools, fieldwork, and museums across the world. With my fascination of biological and forensic anthropology, working at France Casting has become my dream job. I have been working at France Casting for over a year, and now I am the production manager. My job requires high attention to detail, as well as, an immense understanding of the skeletal system. Without the knowledge I gained at Fort Lewis College, I would not have succeeded at France Casting. My achievements are a direct reflection of my Fort Lewis College education, and I am so grateful for my experiences.

“The Fort Lewis College Anthropology department is top-notch, dedicated to its students, and willing to give amazing opportunities to those who want to succeed in anthropology.”