What Kinds of Opportunities do Anthropology Students have at Fort Lewis College?

Fort Lewis College offers an Anthropology Major, as well as minors in Biocultural Anthropology, Sociocultural Anthropology, or Archaeology (for non-majors). Anthropology students at Fort Lewis College study applied, archaeological, biological, sociocultural, and linguistic anthropology, in the classroom during lectures and laboratories as well as outside the classroom in field schools, work-study, internships and service learning projects. Whether it is traveling to Tanzania to work in a health clinic, using the latest remote sensing technology at the historic Old Fort Lewis site to locate buried structures, studying architecture at the prehistoric Pigg site, participating in an internship at Mesa Verde National Park, the Durango Sexual Assault Services Organization, or the Smithsonian Institution, exploring the flora of the Durango area, or analyzing human skeletal remains, students at Fort Lewis College have the opportunity to engage in many exciting opportunities that span the broad discipline of anthropology.