Athletic Training Education Program

Athletic Training Education Program

Athletic Training Students Practicing SpineboardingATEP Mission

The mission of the Athletic Training Program is to prepare students for employment as an athletic trainer and for the pursuit of advanced degrees in athletic training by educating them in the fundamental concepts, knowledge and skills of the profession.

ATEP Goals

1. Develop individuals who attain personal mastery of medical knowledge and athletic training skills through honest effort.
2. Develop individuals who remain competent and current in the field of athletic training.
3. Develop individuals who skillfully and promptly deal with new situations and difficulties.
4. Develop individuals capable of making moral and ethical decisions and who remain accountable, reliable and dependable.
5. Develop individuals who respect the rights, welfare and dignity of all individuals.

AT Students Constantly Work on Professional DevelopmentATEP Student Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will…
    1. Be reflective, evidence-based practitioners within the profession.
    2. Perform systematic examination processes for medical conditions commonly encountered within the profession.
    3. Develop and implement comprehensive programs which address prevention, care, and treatment of medical conditions.
    4. Apply best practices in organization, administration, and professional development within the profession.

 Specific educational competencies required for accreditation can be found on the NATA website: