School of Business Administration

SOBA Scholarship Application Form

Personal Information

Activities Record

Professional/Personal Statement

Include with this application a personal statement (as a separate document) that briefly summarizes:

  1. Professional interests
  2. What you want to achieve in your college career
  3. Short-term vision of what you expect to accomplish (in two or three years)
  4. Where you ultimately see yourself (five years or longer)
  5. How will you move toward your goals next year, both in the classroom and through professional development activities? Evidence of these goals could include:
    1. leadership in a club,
    2. internship and work experience,
    3. other relevant academic or professional activities.
  6. Conclude with how a SOBA scholarship would help you meet your goals next year.

(Please limit your Statement to no more than two double-spaced 8-1/2" x 11" typed sheets of paper.)

FLC Transcript

Please upload an unofficial copy of your Fort Lewis College transcript. You can get a copy in WebOpus:

Login to theFort with your username and password, and select:

  • Login to theFort
  • Click on the WebOpus Tab
  • Go to Student Services And Financial Aid >> Student Records >> Academic Transcripts
  • Choose Transcript Type:  Unofficial (Drop Down Arrow)
  • Hit Submit
  • Save it to your computer and then use the browse button below to upload it.

Specific Scholarships (Optional)

The following scholarships require additional information beyond that included in the basic application package. It is up to the applicant to ensure the additional information is included with the scholarship application package. Applications without the additional scholarship-specific information cannot be considered for those scholarships. (Note: Only one statement of financial need is required for application to the various scholarships where financial need is a consideration.) 

Robert L. and Marjorie L. Blomstrom Scholarship

  • Statement outlining additional pursuit of Art or Music
  • Statement of experience in the hotel or restaurant field

Jeremy and Judith Coleman Study Abroad Program Scholarship

  • Statement of plans for Study Abroad program (either SOBA JTA, International Programs Study Abroad, or Innovative Month) describing planned location of study and courses being considered
  • Essay describing goals with respect to study abroad program and how the experience will benefit a working career

William B. and Barbara J. Dodds Scholarship

  • Essay describing why individual is deserving of the scholarship 

The Tamarron Resort Scholarship

  • Essay describing current and long-range goals with respect to a working career in the tourism and resort management industry.

The Tourism and Resort Management Scholarship

  • Essay describing current and long-range goals with respect to a working career in the tourism and resort management industry.

Digital Signature

I recognize that online submittal of this application constitutes affirmation of my understanding of all terms and conditions identified above and that my typed name above is intended and will be accepted in lieu of a pen/paper signature.