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Fort Lewis College
1000 Rim Drive
Durango, CO 81301
(970) 247-7294

Current Faculty Members

Faculty Name Discipline Telephone Email Office
Beville, Stephen, PhD Economics 7589 Email EBH 180
Clay, Paul, PhD Management 7210 Email EBH 148
Dodds, William, PhD Marketing 7495 Email EBH 152
Elliott, Katherine, MA Accounting 7613 Email EBH 155
Ensign, Tonya, MBA Management 7211 Email EBH 180
Fleming, Joel, MBA Economics 7431 Email EBH 194
Gadbois, John, MA Economics 7209 Email EBH 188
Goodman, Jim, MA Management 7431 Email EHB 194
Gore, Richard, PhD Accounting 7603 Email EBH 168
Huggins, Eric, PhD Management 6912 Email EBH 158
Hunt, Kenneth, PhD Marketing 7182 Email EBH 174
Kusar, Mika, PhD Management 7277 Email EBH 156
Labach, Elain, PhD Advising Coordinator & Management 7093 Email EBH 178 
Lobascio, Lorraine, MA Management 7344 Email EBH 164
Lyon, Chris, CPA Accounting 7236 Email EBH 176
Lyon, Doug, PhD Dean 7289 Email EBH 134
Mull, Fredrick, PhD Law/Finance 7557 Email EBH 172
Nelson, Jennifer, JD Law/Management 7402 Email EBH 182 
Owings, Stephanie, PhD Economics 7589 Email EBH 144 
Page, Charles (Skip) MBA CSIS 7082 Email EBH 181
Solheim, Perry, PhD Accounting 7041 Email EBH 166
Sonora, Robert (Tino), PhD Economics 7296 Email EBH 190
Stovall, Steve, MA Marketing 7445 Email EBH 186 
Takano, Kaori, PhD International Business 7060 Email EBH 192
Valdez, Michael, PhD Management 7436 Email EBH 150
Walker, Deborah, PhD Economics 7624 Email EBH 184
Walls, Simon, PhD Marketing 7204 Email EBH 162
Wilhelm, Suzanne, LLM, JD Associate Dean 7307 Email EBH 154
Yoos II, Charles J., DBA Management 7622 Email EBH 160 


* All telephone numbers have an area code of 970 and a prefix of 247 unless noted.

Emeritus Faculty

Bernard Anderson, PhD Business Administration
Leonard Atencio, PhD Economics
John (Skip) Cave, PhD Management
Jim Clay, PhD Economics
Jeremy J. Coleman, PhD Business Administration
Joseph Colgan, PhD Accounting
Roy Cook, DBA Management
Larry Corman, PhD Business Administration