Campbell Child and Family Center


Enrollment and Waitlist Policy

The daily schedule and routines at the center provide a structured educational opportunity for your child to learn and grow. In order to maintain a consistent learning environment, the Campbell Center maintains the highest priority for enrollment when a child will be attending the center full-time. As part of the Fort Lewis College community, children of full-time employees and full-time students are given first consideration for full-time enrollment. The center defines full-time enrollment as any child who attends for at least 5 hours daily, Monday through Friday.

Enrollment of children in each of the Campbell Center’s four classrooms will be filled in the following priority order:

First Priority will be given to children of full-time Fort Lewis College employees and students who are enrolled full-time (5 days/ week) year round.

Stipulation: As a matter of principle, and the need for established families to maintain consistent routine care for their children, all children, once enrolled in the Center, and their siblings, will maintain their placements until they voluntarily leave the Center.

Second Priority will be given to siblings of children already enrolled in the Center who are enrolled full-time (5 days/ week) year round.

Third Priority will be given to other children in the community who are enrolled full-time (5 days/ week) year round.

Wait List Policy

When a particular classroom of the Campbell Center is at full enrollment capacity, all interested families may be placed on a waitlist that designates the priority status and date of placement on the waitlist.  Families will be contacted and spaces filled in descending order from first to third priority and by date within each priority category.