At the Campbell Child and Family Center we use the Creative Curriculum® from Teaching Strategies, Inc. as the framework for teachers to plan and implement an exciting variety of activities, projects, and key experiences in literacy, math, science, social studies, the arts, and technology.  It features goals and objectives linked directly to a valid and reliable assessment instrument, the Teaching Strategies GOLD TM .   Using Teaching Strategies GOLD TM , teachers conduct ongoing informal observations and assessments on each child.  These tools allow teachers to use the children's interest and needs as the main framework for their lesson planning. 

Within each classroom, specific curriculum units will be developed that address the learning needs of all children. Teachers adhere to state and national standards for developmental learning objectives for preschoolers, and individually document the progress of your child through ongoing portfolio assessment. If you have questions about your child’s classroom learning experience, please talk to your child’s teachers. If you have concerns about your child’s development, please let us know and we can help refer your child for assessment.

The Creative Curriculum® for Infants & Toddlers provides a comprehensive framework that emphasizes that relationships between caregivers/teachers and children and their families form the basis of curriculum for very young children.  The Creative Curriculum® for Early Childhood describes and demonstrates how to plan a developmentally appropriate program focusing on ten well-organized interest areas. Its underlying philosophy draws from Jean Piaget's work on cognitive development, Erik Erikson's stages of socio-emotional development, and accepted theories of how children learn best. The approach is practical, easy-to-understand, and immediately applicable to a variety of settings.

When your child enters the Campbell Child and Family Center, a "portfolio" is created.
The Portfolio is a collection of your child's "work" as well as the periodic Teaching Strategies GOLDTM assessments.  The Portfolio becomes a scrapbook of his/her development throughout his Campbell Center experience. Every entry is dated. This binder follows your child as he/she advances to the next class.  It is the basis for parent conferences and is accessible to you at any time.  You are encouraged to add to the content!

Some examples of the Portfolio content are:

  • Samples of drawings and "writing", including "dictated" descriptions
  • Samples of cutting skills
  • Photographs of creations such as block and Lego structures, clay moldings
  • Photographs of your child playing in a variety of settings and with different friends….or maybe that one special friend that will become a friend for life!
  • Anecdotal notes made by teachers as they observe and record behavior
  • Assessments from the Teaching Strategies GOLD TM
  • Audio tapes of "interviews" with your child, or just talking or singing.