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A masters degree is pricelessIs Graduate School for me?

Start Early!!!

The typical graduate admissions process can take as long as six to nine months, so even if you are not fully certain that you want to go to graduate school, start preparing early. Some of the top programs may even require that you apply a year in advance of your intended start date. In addition, you need to first identify potential schools that you wish to attend. This search is also a very time-consuming process. Thus, the bottom line is that you should start as early as possible.

Take These Steps:

  1. Assess whether graduate school meets your goals
  2. GRE: To take or not to take?
  3. Application materials
  4. Other Graduate School Entrance Exams

Local Master's Program Options

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Need help with a section of your graduate school application?  Try out these resources or visit your Career Services Coordinator for help!

The first step in deciding whether or not to attend graduate school is learning about yourself and defining your personal goals. Questions to ask yourself include:

  • What do you find exciting?
  • Where do your passions lie?
  • What do you want to get out of your graduate education?
  • What are your motivations for going to graduate school?
  • Do you need a graduate education to achieve your career goals (some fields do not require graduate education or have specific certificate requirements)? However, if you wish to become a college professor, doctor, psychologist, etc. you will discover that a graduate education is mandatory for state licensing requirements.
  • Are you really motivated to commit the time and energy to graduate studies or do you feel like you need a break? Honestly assess whether you have the dedication to pursue graduate studies. Graduate work requires a much larger commitment than undergraduate work in terms of time, labor, and intellectual vigor.
  • Do you have dreams of travel, exploration, or starting a family? A demanding graduate program workload will likely not allow the generous time necessary for many other obligations.
  • Still undecided? Read the following two articles 20 Reasons to Go/15 Reasons NOT to Go.

Before you take the GRE make sure you research your top graduate schools to see if they require it or another graduate school entrance exam!

Helpful GRE resources:

Check out these graduate school entrance exams before you take the GRE your graduate program may need these scores instead:
  • Business School (MBA): GMAT - Graduate Management Admission Test
  • Medical SchoolMCAT - Medical College Admission Test
  • Law SchoolLSAT - Law School Admission Test. Next testing date at FLC.
    LSAT Preparation Materials: Get Prepped LSAT Prep.
  • Dental SchoolDAT - Dental Admissions Test
  • Optometry SchoolOAT - Optometry Admission Test