Through the Years
“Without a doubt this is an ideal location for a school of the kind we are establishing,” wrote Principal G.F. Snyder in his first monthly report to the State Board of Agriculture in June, 1911. 

In the last 100 years, Fort Lewis has adapted and evolved in response to challenges and its leaders’ visions, growing from a high school into two year junior college, then in 1956 moving to Durango.  Here, Fort Lewis has flourished to become the institution we know and love today: the designated public liberal arts college in Colorado and one of 10 non-tribal Native American serving institutions in the United States.

Fort Lewis, though, is also defined by its constants:  a desire to be useful to the citizens of  Southwestern Colorado, a connection with the region's rugged landscape, close and meaningful relationships between faculty and students, a commitment to the principles and practices of a democratic society, and a recognition that a good life embraces both work and play.

Soon, we’ll be presenting the fascinating story of Fort Lewis College decade by decade. Keep checking back for these additional stories.