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Perfect weekend in Durango


Major: English-General Option
Hometown: Carmel, NY
Year: Senior

To tell you the truth, I cannot remember a weekend in Durango that was not perfect; blue skies mixed with three-hundred days of sunshine makes Durango ‘paradise’ for outdoor enthusiasts. I have experienced my version of the perfect weekend several times.

My perfect weekend starts out by waking up on Saturday morning and sipping on a hot cup of coffee. During that time I am thinking about what I need to pack for the adventure I have planned during the week. Let’s use last weekend, December 1st & December 2nd as an example of what I do during the weekends.

Saturday morning I woke up and made that hot cup of coffee that I was talking about earlier. After that I started packing for a day of skiing. Our local mountain, Durango Mountain Resort (DMR), opened the day after Thanksgiving and I have been going up ever since. Given that it is still early season they only have one run open, but skiing with a vest and light gloves is alright with me since the temperatures have been in the 50s. I met my friend at his house and we drove up to the mountain for a half day of skiing. Getting out in the fresh air and smelling the snow after a long week of working and going to school is amazing. After the skiing day is done, Purgy’s (DMR’s restaurant) is the place to be to kick back and take in the last few minutes of sun before it sets behind the mountain. Après skiing takes place at my friend’s house where Canasta, a card game, is played and dinner is eaten.  Last Saturday I left my house at 10:30am and did not get home until midnight. Phew!

On my skis!

Sunday was the day I planned to ride mountain bikes. How cool is that—-skiing and mountain bike riding all in one weekend? Sunday I woke up, swapped my skiing gear for my mountain bike riding gear, and left my house for another adventure. Desert riding is really good in December, so with a couple friends I drove down to the desert to ride. We rode for twelve miles and did a short two mile hike in the same trip. After riding we all went to a restaurant to have dinner and then we drove back to Durango. Sunday night is also when Jazz Church takes place. To end a perfect weekend I typically stop by Jazz Church to watch local musicians play jazz music.

So let’s recap. My perfect weekend in Durango includes skiing, mountain bike riding, and jazz music!

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    Posted @ Thursday, February 07, 2013 by Emily
    Emily's avatar

    Jenna, That sounds like an awesome weekend in Durango. It's great that we have the chance to both ski and bike in the winter, and enjoy the beautiful surroundings we live in!

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