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Major: English
Hometown: Window Rock, AZ
Year: Senior

Coming to Fort Lewis College, I had no plans to pursue graduate programs after completing my baccalaureate degree.  Additionally, I had no concrete career plans or goals.  Getting involved on campus has really opened my eyes to a world of possibilities within and outside of Fort Lewis College.  Joining student organizations and stepping into roles of leadership at Fort Lewis College has had such a profound impact on my success. 

I think it’s safe to say that visiting FLC allows you the opportunity to imagine your potential success and experience as a college student.  It’s a completely separate experience to come to Fort Lewis and experience it firsthand.  I have found that all my friends at FLC found what they were looking for in a college experience and have met their goals while being at Fort Lewis College.  As Skyhawks, we’ve had incomparable opportunities and success that make us competitive and prepared for life after Fort Lewis College.

When I pursued graduate studies and started to research programs during my junior year, I saw feasibility in competitive programs based on my experience at Fort Lewis College.  Because I took the initiative to get involved and get the most from my undergraduate career, I was given the experience necessary for graduate programs.  I value the professional relationships I have with professors and the administration because they speak to my success and performance as a student and young professional.  I also value the spirit and small community of Fort Lewis College because it sets me apart when interviewing for graduate school. 

New York University
I took this photo from the Center for University Life at NYU. 
It overlooks Washington Square Park in lower Manhattan.

In applying for graduate school, I chose only two programs because I knew exactly where I wanted to be and was confident that my success and experience at Fort Lewis College gave me a good chance at being admitted.  I love Colorado so I wanted to have an option to stay in-state but I also felt it was time to try something new and completely different so I applied to both Colorado State University and New York University.  I knew that both programs were highly competitive so I was thrilled when I made it past that first round and was invited to interview at both universities.  In the end, I was given an offer by both universities and was very happy to have such an exciting dilemma.  I truly believe that my initiative to get involved on campus contributed to an incomparable experience at Fort Lewis and ultimately admittance to the graduate school of my choice.  With that, I say, thank you Fort Lewis College and hello New York University!

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    Posted @ Monday, April 01, 2013 by abarby
    abarby's avatar

    Byron, that's so encouraging and awesome to hear! I'm glad all your hard work towards your education and passions has promised you a spot at NYU! I hope you have an exciting adventure in New York! Enjoy!

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