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Snyder B is the place to be



Major: Psychology
Hometown: Denver, CO

Year: Junior

It’s not a lie: Snyder B was the place to be. All the residents were always there. Even people who were not residents in Snyder B were always there. We mobbed over to dinner all together, we went camping all together, and we went out on the weekends all together. We had heard legends of Snyder B residents from the past and yearned to be college legends as well.

So what made Snyder such a great place for a tight community? First of all, it is the only themed dorm on campus, “The Adventure House,” so most people there had some affiliation with the love for the outdoors. This is not exactly a hard trait to find in Fort Lewis students, but The Adventure House allowed for the most avid snowboarders, kayakers, skiers, climbers and hikers to all have a common space. Just walking into the common room of Snyder B was every outdoor enthusiast’s dream. Kayaks were being hung from the balcony, skis were being waxed on the tables, posters of extreme snowboarders plastered the walls and the faint smell of climbing chalk wafted through the air.

Within the first weekend, a true Durangatang (a Durango local) took us to all the best places to swim in the river and go white-water kayaking. We took night hikes during the week and skied on the weekends. If weather or fatigue prohibited us from finding adventure outdoors, ski movies, Dance Dance Revolution and general fort-making made for just as good of a time.

And the best part was not only did I have so many people to do fun things with me, but I actually liked them a lot. I liked them so much that I haven’t stopped living with people from Snyder since then. Living in Snyder B was a special bond between everyone. Sort of like how childhood friends know everything about where you came from, all my friends from Snyder B understand so much more about my college experience because we all share the Snyder B bond. This bond exists between all Snyder B residents, along with Snyder B residents of years past. Whether it is the combination of outdoor-sports lovers or the Snyder B bond, my freshman year was one for the record books.

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