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A stimulating freedom

The joyous moment has finally arrived: my last semester of college…gasp! The disbelief is mixed with the overwhelming excitement of what is to come May 3rd, which is graduation, on into the rest of my life. Being an extremely traditional student, having been in school constantly since pre-Kindergarten, the thought of school not being my first priority is a strange idea to digest.

The last frontier

I opened my eyes and sat up in my seat. Then, remembering where I was, I quickly pulled up my window shade and caught my breath as I took in the view from my little airplane window. An enormous expanse of mountains, ocean, trees, mud flats, pink and golden clouds…I could hardly contain my amazement at the beauty I was seeing. I pressed my face closer to the tiny window, trying to better view my first glimpse of Alaska.

Oh, the places you'll go!

I have always liked having a plan and setting goals, so when I started my junior year as a Political Science major at Fort Lewis, finding an internship was part of my plan and my number one goal. I spent some time researching big internship opportunities that would put me front and center of the political world in Washington D.C. and eventually found one that fit my standards. I spent days preparing all of my application materials and writing and editing the essay questions. Finally in January I submitted my application to the Congressional Hispanic Caucus Internship Program and the waiting game began.

Museum fun!

One of the most valuable things I did in college was getting museum internships. I have thought for a while that I might be interested in working in a museum and the internships I had helped me solidify my decision. Not only did I learn more about having a job in a museum, I also got a taste of how to find a job. I scoured the internet for places I wanted to work and asked people if they knew of any museum opportunities. If I couldn’t find information on the internet, I called the people I wanted to work with and asked if they had a need for an intern. Talk about terrifying!

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Not just an education

Fort Lewis is not just there to provide you with an education, but to provide you with the means to succeed in your post collegiate career. In my case, I hit a cornerstone in college where this was starkly apparent.

In the fall semester of my junior year I was taking a variety of business and art classes to chip away at my art and business double major. One of these classes was Operations Management which deals with higher level statistics and how they more directly apply to businesses.

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