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The struggle is as real as you make it

One thing that I promised myself before I came to Fort Lewis College, before I even graduated from high school, was to not procrastinate with my assignments, readings, work obligations, menial tasks and any other daily activity you can imagine. Now, seven weeks into my first year as a college student, I have realized that this goal is easier said than done.

One would imagine that I might have settled into an all-too-familiar daily routine of a usual 8 a.m. – 10 p.m. schedule consisting of attending classes, study time, free time and extracurricular activities by now, correct? Actually, that answer is completely and entirely wrong.

What I've learned, part 2

“Sometimes you have to play with fire to find out how to not get burned.” This a quote I’ve come to find very realistic while in college. When you are away from old friends or family and on your own to make decisions, it can sometimes be hard to get things right on your first try.  In the residence halls, you have to do your own laundry. I remember seeing lot of trial and error there: someone using dish soap in the washing machine, or someone thinking that turning it on made the machine release its own soap.