We are happy to provide our Concurrent Students with a reduced tuition rate, matching the Colorado Community College tuition rate, and saving you and your high school money!  Most School districts will pay the tuition for Concurrent Students, but be sure to check with your high school to make sure.

Savings for Academic Year 2011-2012
Fort Lewis College Tuition Per Credit $184.00
Colorado Community College Tuition Rate Per Credit $105.85
Your Savings Per Credit $78.15

*Most courses at Fort Lewis College are three to four credits total. 

As a student at Fort Lewis College you and your family will be responsible for paying student fees, buying your own text books, and providing your own transportation.  

Once you register for classes, you incur a financial commitment to Fort Lewis College.

If you decide not to attend Fort Lewis College, you must take action to cancel your schedule before the first day of classes to avoid being responsible for a portion of your tuition and fees. To cancel your schedule, fill out and submit the Cancel Your Enrollment Form and Withdraw, via WebOpus, from your courses before the first day of class.  

Check out the Step Seven for more instructions if you have additional questions.

Estimated Cost 2012-2013
Enrolled Credits 3 Credits 4 Credits
Fees: $55.40 per credit $166.20 $221.60
Books $300 or less $300 or less
Parking $45 $45
Total $511.20 $566.60

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