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Get Primitive - A Course in Ancestral Primitive Living Skills

Instructor: Matt Brummett

Fee: $99(1 full-dayclass)
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Schedule: Saturday, 9a.m. - 6 p.m.
June 7, 2014

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Transport yourself back in time and unleash the adventurer in you by spending a day learning some of the very skills that have kept humans alive for tens of thousands of years. In this experiential outdoor course Matt teaches skills common to all indigenous cultures that are also applicable to modern day.

Topics will include:

  • Fire by Friction: an overview of materials and methods for making a fire set, including hands-on practice of the ancient hand-drill technique for creating fire. Students willlearn about the all-powerful tinder bundle, fire triangle, and vital uses of fire as a tool.
  • Natural cordage: To stone age people around the globe, making cordage was critical. Using yucca and dogbane, students will gain first-hand knowledge and develop skill in the techniques of processing, reverse wrapping and splicing. The string we produce will then be used to construct a dead-fall trap.

Students will have a surprising amount of fun while fostering greater awareness and appreciation for how our ancestors once lived.

Register early, as this class has a maximum
of 12 spots available!


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Endorsed by Aboriginal Living Skills School, LLC

Matt is also an instructor for Cody Lundin's Aboriginal Living Skills School. See Matt on Cody's site here.

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Matt Brummett

Matt Brummett is a seeker of ancestral knowledge. He has a degree in Outdoor Experiential Education with a minor in Holistic Healing. He is the owner of DirtTime Wilderness Ventures based in Santa Fe, New Mexico. In addition to teaching for himself, Matt collaborates and partners with organizations around the Southwest to teach and pass on primitive living skills. These organizations include Santa Fe Community College, Carbon Economy Series, Telluride Academy and Cody Lundin’s Aboriginal Living Skills School. To learn more about Matt visit