Continuing Education

Goat Kids, Cheese & Milk Field Trip

Hosts:  Jim Graham and Margaret Stone

Fee:  $34 per person

Schedule:  Saturday ♦ May 17  ♦ 10:00 a.m. - 1:00 p.m.

12 Maximum, so sign up today!

This field trip introduces the participants to life on a dairy farm. Come learn about raising Nubian dairy goats, feeding and caring for kids, the process of milking and the wonderful products made from the milk, including cheeses, butter and yogurt. With 23 Nubian does, and four Nubian bucks, Jim and Margaret expect to have at least a dozen kids from the first breeding cycle. You will learn the basics of proper feeding, sheltering and care of dairy goats and kids; the importance of sanitary conditions required for milking; and come away with an appreciation of the hard work required to produce delicious, wholesome milk and milk products. You’ll also enjoy samples of the milk, butter and yogurt.

Jim and Margaret have invited two young ladies who raise Nubian does and show them through the 4-H program. They will share some of their insights into 4-H and explain some of the aspects of showing animals.

Still debating if this field trip is for you? Read an informative, light-hearted, first-hand account of the 2011 inaugural Goat Kids Fieldtrip in the Durango Herald here. 

Curious about the health aspects of consuming goat dairy products? We found another piece in the Durango Herald pertaining to this very thing and it includes a mention of J&M Dairy too - read it here.

Bring your kids to play with our kids!

Jim Graham and Margaret Stone have been raising and milking Nubian dairy goats for 20 years. Visit them online at

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Jim Graham & one of his "kids"

That's Gigi in the hat - she fell in love with this little feller and the delicious yogurt and goat milk!