Continuing Education

Landscape Geology of the Greater Durango Area

Instructor: Jeff Brame

Fee:  $199 for 4 classes at Fort Lewis + a day-long
         field trip (includes handout materials & field 
         trip guide)

FLC Classroom Schedule:  Tues. / Thurs. • 7 - 9 p.m.
                                          May 6 – 15, 2014

Field Trip:  Saturday • 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. •  May 17, 2014

The Durango Colorado area exhibits a fascinating variety of landscape scenery which is largely a function of the area’s underlying geology and geologic history. These scenic wonders have been created by the interaction of earth materials and earth processes over hundreds of millions of years. The objective of this course is to enhance your appreciation of the area’s landscapes by providing a basic knowledge of the geology behind the scenery. The course includes eight hours of classroom instruction and a one day geological field trip. 


Jeff Brame is owner and chief geologist of Brame GeoScience, L.L.C., in Durango. He has B.S. and M.S. degrees in geology and has been a working geologist for 32 years. Jeff has taught several courses on the geology of the Four Corners area, conducts La Plata County geological hazard surveys, consults to various oil companies, and leads geological seminars and field trips.


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Comments from Previous Students:

• Wonderful course! Wonderful instructor!

• Excellent course preparation and handouts. Enthusiastic delivery of lectures. Very informative and interesting field trip.

• Jeff is a great instructor and so much fun to learn from. This is my second class with him.

• What a fantastic course. Jeff is an exceptional instructor. SO knowledgeable and ENTHUSIASTIC.
I loved it!

• This was a fascinating class taught by an outstanding teacher. Mr. Brame is knowledgeable, conscientious, and prepares for the classes very, very thoroughly. Perhaps even more important, he is passionate about the subject, and his enthusiasm is transferred to the students. Additionally, he is a very likable person, and teaches with patience and good humor.

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