Continuing Education

How to Make It in the Music Business

Instructor:  Father Gabriel Farago

Fee:             $149, 6 classes 

Schedule:    May 19 – May 30, 2014 - CANCELED

Ever wonder if you could become another Carrie Underwood or Garth Brooks? Or wonder if you “have what it takes?”  Nashville record producer and author of Secrets To Success In Country Music, Gabriel Farago, presents a career-launching, potential identification class for individuals interested in breaking into the music industry.

The rating explosions of shows like Idol, The Voice, and America’s Got Talent have peaked an interest in the music biz like never before. Singing has become our national obsession. Farago’s popular (5 years running) CareerLauncher Seminar provides a timely, highly informative and entertaining program for general audiences, as well as offering a potentially life-changing platform for area hopefuls.

Based on 35-years of hands on experience, Father Gabriel’s seminar addresses all genres and styles of music and covers a wide category of subjects including:

  • How to write a hit potential song
  • Creating a star image
  • Pursuing record labels
  • Launching your career oversees
  • Attracting corporate sponsorships
  • Getting radio airplay, and much more.

His book, Secrets to Success in Country Music comes highly recommended, with a 5-star rating on Amazon.


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“Willie Nelson, Lee Greenwood and Wayne Newton were the head-liners, but when it was over, the one they really talked about was Gabriel!”

Colorado State Fair talent coordinator, Judy Pryor


Father Gabriel Farago

Father Gabriel Farago is a Nashville record producer and published author. The Hungarian-born, recently ordained priest is the author of Secrets To Success in Country Music, an insightful and comprehensive guide for music industry hopefuls.

Farago's life represents the American Dream. Considered the most (radio) played "non-North-American-born" country artist prior to Keith Urban, Farago came to the U.S. as a 5-year-old Hungarian war-refugee. Hooking up with Nashville legend Harold Bradley in 1978, Gabriel saw several of his records hit Billboard's charts during the 80's.  Expanding into artist development and record production in the early 90's, Farago has continued to help singers and songwriters through his nationally-recognized CAREERLauncher Program. He has hosted his own radio show, toured internationally, and appeared on TV. Farago recently acquired two record labels that have featured and helped launch several country superstars. Eminently qualified with 35 years of hands-on experience as a recording artist, author, record producer, artist development consultant, and label owner, he brings an extensive knowledge of publishing, promotions, and marketing as well. Father Gabriel Farago offers a know-how that few in Nashville’s music community can equal.


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