Continuing Education

Nutrition for a Healthy Pregnancy

Instructor:  Jess Kelley, MNT 

Fee:             $44, 1 class 

Schedule:    Thursday, 6:30 – 8:30 p.m.
                     May 8, 2014

During this information packed course, students will learn about the foods best suited for each trimester to support the developmental stages of the growing fetus. An overview of helpful supplements will also be addressed in addition to foods and environmental chemicals to avoid. Time will also be dedicated to nutritional solutions for conditions/problems that are somewhat common during pregnancy, i.e. fatigue, blood sugar balance, and constipation.

A healthy pregnancy sets the stage for the long term well-being of the baby and learning the right nutrition and lifestyle strategies will also make for a healthy and comfortable 40 weeks!


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Jess Kelley

Jess holds a Masters in Nutrition Therapy from the Nutrition Therapy Institute in Denver. She is certified in Environmental Medicine through the University of Arizona and also in Functional Blood Chemistry Analysis, Mastering the Thyroid, and Endocrinology through Apex Energetics. As the staff Nutrition Therapist at Namaste Health Center in Durango, Jess specializes in pediatrics, digestive disorders, hormone balance, and oncology. She is an on-line instructor for the Nutrition Therapy Institute, and is also a freelance health and nutrition writer for a variety of publications, including Ski, Skiing, Natural Grocer’s Health Hotline, and Edible San Juan Mountains Magazine. In addition to her nutrition work, Jess stays busy as the mother of her one year old daughter Pepper. 

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