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Professional Nonprofit Management Certificate Program (PNMCP)

Paulette Church, Director

Gigi congratulates Paulette, WRC's 2012 Woman of the Year

Gigi Baty (L), Director of FLC Continuing Education, and Paulette Church (R), Director of the PNMCP, celebrating Paulette's award as the WRC's 2012 Woman of the Year!

A Note from the Director 

This semester the Professional Nonprofit Management Certificate Program is forging new partnerships with other professional nonprofit support organizations. Our new partners include:

As the spring 2014 Making a Difference five-part class series wraps up, we encourage our students to participate in the trainings and capacity-building workshops offered through the collaborative, SWRPD.

  NEW IN 2014:   For students in our PNMCP, for each SWRPD class you attend, one hour may be applied to your PNMCP hours (limited to six-hours maximum.) View a list of SWRPD classes here. Also, be sure to catch one of the Pre-Conference Trainings on May 19 or 20 - they're REQUIRED for 1st time attendees to SWRPD - see schedule here.

Renny Fagan, the President and CEO of CNA, presented research on current funding trends as part of the this spring's Making a Difference class series, and we are working on other nonprofit leadership workshops we can offer collaboratively.
The CRC has offered top quality seminars in our region for years and we are happy to partner with them as they work with major Colorado foundations to bring workshops and leadership to SWRPD.

Nonprofit Management - Making a Difference: Financial Leadership, our spring series of courses through the Certificate Program, featured a blend of local nonprofit talent and proven professionals from the front range.  We are so delighted to have brought the highly-rated Dan Harris back to offer an interactive session where he helped students develop and tell their stories to reach the hearts of potential donors. Paulette Church taught a dynamic session on the power of the 990 for fundraising, a little understood topic because of all the changes by the I.R.S. to this vital form. Bill Smith, who has been working with entrepreneurs for 30 years and helping successful business start-ups, including Mercury, brought a new business planning perspective to this spring's program. Tim Kroes, Executive Director of Adaptive Sports, and Paulette Church are teaming up on April 30, our final class in the series, to share practices they have used to retain and develop staff to bring stability to nonprofits. Best practices from nonprofit research will also be presented. 

Paulette Church, Director

Professional Nonprofit Management Certificate Program

Certificate Program General Information:

  • Strictly noncredit (not for college credit)
  • Classes take place on FLC campus, and sometimes off-campus.
  • No tests, graded papers, or mandatory attendance
  • Students evaluate instructors after each course
  • Attendance in classes = 50 hours = Certificate
    • Class hours count toward a Certificate only if enrolled in the PNMCP by the end of class term during which the class was taken.       
  • There is no limit to the hours you may take in any term
  • There is no time limit to earn a Certificate
  • There is no set curriculum; take classes that are of highest benefit to you and your organization
  • Courses are being developed on an on-going basis with the nonprofit sector in mind
  • The PNMCP is designed to be practical: you will come away with skills that can be implemented right now
  • Anyone can take courses offered for the nonprofit sector, regardless of enrollment in the PNMCP as a Certificate student
  • A one-time $50 administrative fee supports administration, record-keeping, and program facilitation.
  • FLC students can participate in the Certificate program for a reduced rate: $30 administrative fee and 15% off class fees (no $5 early bird registration discount)

Please Note: You may take nonprofit management courses without registering in the PNMCP as a Certificate student. Course hours cannot, however, be applied retroactively to a Certificate after the term ends.


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CE Contact Information

(970) 247-7385
Mon-Fri 9 a.m. to 5 p.m.


First Tuesday Club

Join us for the PNMCP First Tuesday Club, which meets at the Rochester Hotel on the first Tuesday of every month from 4:30 p.m. - 5:30 p.m., September through May. We use this informal gathering to talk about nonprofit management topics and share resources with one another. Enrolled Certificate students are awarded one credit hour toward their Certificate at no charge. The Rochester provides a beautiful venue for us to meet. (Cash bar, no purchase necessary to attend.)

Registration Info - PNMCP

To get started in the Professional Nonprofit Management Certificate Program, submit a PNMCP Registration Form. Payment may be submitted via our secure online store here.

Individual nonprofit management classes are offered in conjunction with the Professional Nonprofit Management Certificate Program. For pre-registered PNMCP students, class attendance hours apply toward a Certificate in Professional Nonprofit Management.

PNMCP students can use CE's Attendance Log to track their progress as they work toward completion of the required 50 hours of in-class participation. You may open and save the log form as a Word document or as an Adobe document.

Join the Durango Nonprofits

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Please Note: You may take nonprofit management courses without registering in the PNMCP as a Certificate student. Course hours cannot, however, be applied retroactively to a Certificate after the term ends.


Benefits of the Nonprofit Certificate Program

Networking with the regional nonprofit sector integrated into the format of the Certificate Program. Connect with your colleagues and peers in an educational environment that will lead to future collaboration and stronger relationships between organizations.

Organization development trainings, relevant to all nonprofit agency Executive Directors, Board members, staff and volunteers as well as philanthropists and other associates are provided through the Certificate Program.

Earn a Certificate in Professional Nonprofit Management: an individual career investment that you can take with you for the rest of your life!

History of the PNMCP

  • Nonprofit sector expressed a need for local trainings;
  • The Nonprofit Leadership Committee was formed in 2008;
  • FLC Deans' Council approved the Certificate program in May 2009;
  • The Professional Nonprofit Management Certificate Program was launched in January 2010.
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