Real History of the Americas Schedule of Events:

Monday, Oct. 14, from 10 a.m. to 9 p.m. at Fort Lewis College

Free & Open to the public all day (unless otherwise noted)


 8:30 AM                               Common Ground Diversity Programming Breakfast with artist Hakim Bellamy (RSVP to                                                                          


10:00 AM                             Opening Prayer

10:15 AM                             Jemez Pueblo Dancers                                                                                 

11:00 AM                             Jim Sandos speaks: “Columbus: Is He a Model or a Warning about Globalization?

11:30 AM                             Open Mic

11:45 AM                             Performance- Hakim                     

12:30 PM                             Cultural Foods Potluck- Culture Shock Camp

12:45 PM                             Empowerment workshop with “Quese IMC” of Culture Shock Camp      

1:30 PM*                             Documentary Film Two Spirits    *Student Union Ballroom                                  

2:30 PM*                             “Coming Out” panel –Real History of LGBTQ Community  *Student Union Ballroom               

3:00 PM                                “I am From Poems” Activity by Common Ground Diversity Programming                              

3:15 PM                                Open Mic                                                                                                           

3:30 PM                                Open Mic: FLC Student Alex Blocker                                                                       

3:45 PM                                Open Mic: FLC Student Michaela Steiner                                                                              

4:00 PM                                Open Mic                                                                                                                                           

4:30 PM                                Jemez Pueblo Dancers                                                                                                 

5:00 PM                                Ballet Folklorico (unconfirmed but more likely)                                                                 

5:30 PM*                             Performance Preview- Adrian Molina  *San Juan Dining                   

5:45 PM*                             Performance - Bala Sinem Choir                *San Juan Dining                                

6:00 PM*                             Performance Preview- Hakim Bellamy*San Juan Dining

                                                Union Ballroom Evening performance begins at 6:30 p.m.-9 p.m.

6:30 PM                                LIVE Performance- Adrian Molina                                                                                            

7:00 PM*                             Historian Jim Sandos Presents *Noble 130

7:15 PM                                LIVE Performance – Adrian Molina & Hakim Bellamy & Culture Shock Camp         

7:30 PM                                LIVE Performance- Culture Shock Camp                                                                               

8:45 PM                                Closing to the 6th Annual Real History of the Americas 2013