The Exercise Science department aims to meet the needs of our graduates to function as critically thinking professionals within our disciplines. We strive to have our students ready to compete in the current job market by providing students with a variety of opportunities to develop a scientific knowledge base, engage in practical experiences, and learn, develop, and master social and leadership skills. Students acquiring this knowledge will be prepared to pursue opportunities in adventure education, athletic training, exercise specialist, physical education teaching, sport administration, and coaching as well as other clinical, recreational, wellness, and fitness careers. The department also endeavors to provide the students of Fort Lewis College with opportunities to learn and experience the components of healthy living, life-long learning and sport competition. Exercise Science Faculty model, as well as teach, commitment, critical thinking, life-long learning and physical activity.


  1. The professional preparation of knowledgeable and skilled educators of human movement and exercise forms as well as qualified practitioners in adventure education, athletic training, sport administration, health, personal training and fitness.
  2. To foster a meaningful program promoting the value of a lifetime of physical activity for all students.
  3. To provide practical experiences through internships, practica, field courses, clinical education, and service learning.
  4. To develop professional leadership and communication skills for all the department’s students.