Finish In Four!

Graduation Day

How do I sign up?

  1. Apply for admission and get admitted to Fort Lewis College.
  2. Confirm your enrollment.
  3. Contact the Office of Admission and Advising to set up your New Student Advising and Registration appointment.
  4. Register for at least 15 credits for your first semester.
  5. No later than August 1 prior to your first semester let the Coordinator of Degree Completion know via email that you are interested in the program. 
  6. Create a four-year degree plan with the Coordinator of Degree Completion.  Once the degree plan is complete, the Finish in Four! contract needs to be signed by October 15.

Download the Finish in Four! contract

How do I learn more?

Contact the Director of Student Success, Crystal Fankhauser, via email:, or phone: 970-247-7670.