Office of Advancement

School of Natural & Behavioral Sciences

The School of Natural & Behavioral Sciences (SNBS) offers Bachelor of Arts & Bachelor of Science degrees in Anthropology (BA), Biology (BS), Chemistry (BS), Exercise Science (BA), Geosciences (BS), Mathematics (BA), Physics (BS) and Psychology (BA).

student studying plantsBotonySNBS is distinguished by the universal opportunity for students to learn by carrying out individual, independent research projects, by the ability to develop close relationships with department faculty members, and by the opportunity to acquire real-world experiences in their chosen fields.

Students graduate from these programs well-prepared for rewarding professional and graduate careers and, alumni have had celebrated successes in all related professions!

Monies donated toward the School of Natural and Behavioral Sciences will help to ensure a strong faculty grants program, the purchase of modern day equipment, as well as scholarships as the School sees fit.

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