Goals and Objectives

  • Familiarize students with the history of human experience in at least three regions of the world.
  • Provide students with particular competence in their area of concentration including a factual base of information, familiarity with the important historiographical and interpretive concerns of historians of that area, and an ability to synthesize their understanding around recurrent historical themes.
  • Encourage an understanding of how different societies in different times and places have constructed class, race, and gender.
  • Encourage development of critical thinking skills – thinking that is rigorous, fair-minded, and nuanced.
  • Foster the research and writing skills that enable students to define a suitable topic, conduct thorough and resourceful searches utilizing traditional and new technological sources for relevant information, and express their findings in writing in a clear, persuasive, and interesting fashion.
  • Cultivate in students an understanding of the complex epistemological challenges involved in studying history.
  • Help students appreciate that a historical understanding of the human experience can contribute in vital ways to a responsible and reflective life as an engaged citizen in a rapidly changing and increasingly integrated world.