2013-14 Housing
Room Rates

The rates listed below are for the 2013-14 academic year. All rates listed are per student, per semester.

Residence Halls

Traditional Hall (Camp, Crofton, and Escalante)  
Double Occupancy Room  $2,135.00
Single Occupancy Room (if available) $2,965.00
Two-Bedroom Suite (Camp, Crofton, Cooper, and Escalante)  
Double Occupancy Room     $2,465.00
Two-Bedroom Suite (West)  
Double Occupancy Room $2,965.00
Three-Bedroom Suite (Bader-Snyder)  
Double Occupancy Room $2,465.00
Single Occupancy Room $3,280.00
Four-Bedroom Suite (Animas)  
Single Occupancy Room  $3,765.00


All apartments include kitchen units, therefore students are not required to have a meal plan. Students can add any meal plan by using WebOPUS. Additions and changes to meal plans can be made until each term's Census Date.

Centennial Apartments  
Two-Bedroom, Double Occupancy  $2,465.00
One-Bedroom, Double Occupancy $2,965.00
Mears Apartments  
Two-Bedroom, Single Occupancy  $3,280.00
Apartments (Family Housing)  
One-Bedroom $3,280.00
Two-Bedroom $3,765.00


All students assigned to the residence halls will automatically be assigned the 14-meal plan.

14-Meal Plan + $500.00 Flex $2,160.00
12-Meal Plan + $500.00 Flex $2,050.00
10-Meal Plan + $500.00 Flex $1,935.00
2-Meal Plan + $200.00 Flex** $440.00

**(only available to commuter students or apartment residents)

See our Campus Dining page for more information about meal plans.