Resource Management Certification

Our Program

The Process

Students interested in entering the Cultural Resource Management Certificate Program must submit an application form  to the program coordinator. Students admitted to the program are responsible for submitting a course completion checklist during their final semester. This checklist must be reviewed by the program coordinator and approved by the Dean before the certificate can be awarded. 

The Program Plan

Required Courses

ANTH 201: Introduction to Archaeology
ANTH 320: Laboratory Techniques in Archaeology
ANTH 360: Legal and Ethical Issues in Anthropology
ANTH 369: Field Training in Archaeology

Required Electives

Complete at least one course in each category:

Field experience

ANTH 316: Approved Internship
ANTH 403: Adv. Archaeological Field Techniques

Practical Skills

GEOG 250: Introduction to Computer Mapping and GIS
ANTH 375: Museums and Critical Heritage
Approved elective course*

*Pre-approved elective courses include any upper division archaeology class; ANTH 208: Traditional Ecological Knowledge; ANTH 212: Introduction to Applied Anthropology; ANTH 359: Forensic Osteology and Bioarchaeology; HIST 255: Introduction to Heritage Preservation and NAIS 450: Tribal Preservation. Additional electives must be approved by the program coordinator.


Please contact the Program Coordinator:

Dr. Kelly L. Jenks, RPA
Assistant Professor, Department of Anthropology