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Fort Lewis College is a member of the Colorado Higher Education Insurance Benefits Alliance (CHEIBA). CHEIBA membership includes a total of 8 colleges across the state.  Some benefits of membership with CHEIBA are that we can pool our resources, have premium plan packages and share the experience ratings across a larger population. OPEN ENROLLMENT is every November with changes taking effect January 1st. 

  • Employees are required to enroll in health, dental, group term life insurance and long term disability benefits.  (The only exception is if the employee is covered under a spouse’s group health insurance or military plan.)  Automatic enrollment has proven to keep our costs lower for the entire group and continues to be a successful strategy in the overall CHEIBA strategic business plan.

Health Insurance - required

Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield 2013 health insurance premium rates:

Employee Only       $144.50 per month  (College pays $369.50)
Family                    $523.00 per month  (College pays $816.00)

Rates are the same for both plans:

  • Blue Advantage/Point of Service (POS):  No deductible, $20 co-pays for office visits, coverage limited to network providers for HMO type coverage.  However, POS option allows out of network services at a reduced benefit rate.  Prescriptions for a 34 day supply are in a 4-Tier system:  Tier 1=$15 co-pay, Tier 2=$30 co-pay, Tier 3=$45 co-pay and Tier 4=the lesser of 30% or $100 co-pay for a 34 day supply.
  • Prime:  $400 individual deductible or $800 cumulative family deductible.  85% reimbursement if employees utilize prime providers.  Prescriptions for a 34 day supply are in a 4-Tier system:  Tier 1=$15 co-pay, Tier 2=$30 co-pay, Tier 3=$45 co-pay and Tier 4=the lesser of 30% or $100 co-pay for a 34 day supply.

Dental Insurance - required

Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield 2012 premium dental rates:

Employee Only       $    8.41 per month  (College pays $ 27.59)
Family                    $  44.50 per month  (College pays $ 44.50)

Rates are the same for both plans: 

  • Anthem Blue Dental PPO Plus (BlueClassic):  $25 individual deductible, $75 family deductible per plan year.  Pays 100% preventative services, 80% restorative services, 50% major services and 50% up to $1,000 for orthodontia (eligible children to age 19).  Maximum benefits paid per year are $1,500 per enrollee.  You may select any dentist in the state of Colorado for this plan.  This plan is recommended for FLC employees to maximize choices in dental providers.
  • Anthem Blue Dental PPO (BluePreferred):  Uses a PPO network of providers, but flexible for employees to use out of network providers.  In-Network:  no deductible.  Out of network:  $50 individual/$150 family deductibles.  In network:  Pays 100% preventative services, 80% restorative services, 50% major services and 50% up to $1,000 for orthodontia (eligible children to age 19). Out of network:  Pays 80% preventative services, 60% restorative services, 50% major services and 40% up to $1,000 for orthodontia (eligible children to age 19). Maximum benefits for all plans paid per year are $1,500 per enrollee.

To access Anthem's website, click here:  Anthem Blue Cross/Blue Shield

Long Term Disability - required

Standard Life Insurance 2012 employee-paid premium costs are:

.30 cents per $100 of coverage (up to a maximum salary of $10,500.).  To access The Standard's website, click here:  Standard Life Insurance      LTD Policy

The policy has a 90 day waiting period.  The cap for benefits is $7,000 (66 2/3rd of $10,500).  Benefit payout is 66 2/3rd of your pre-disability income per month.

Group Term Life Insurance - required

Anthem Life Insurance 2012 employee-paid premium costs are:

.28 cents per $1,000 of coverage (includes AD&D).  Total amount is determined by salary. 
Life Insurance Policy

Active employees are covered for 2 x his/her salary up to $500,000.  This policy also has an Accidental Death and Dismemberment Benefit which is equal to the principal sum of the life insurance.  This policy includes minimal coverage for eligible legal spouse and dependents (over 6 months of age and under age 25) of $2,000 per person. Eligible dependent children ages 14 days to 6 months are insured for $200 per person.

Vision Service Plan (VSP) - voluntary

VSP provides vision coverage 2012 employee-paid premium costs are:

Employee only       $ 9.91 per month
Employee +1         $18.57 per month
Family                   $26.97 per month

To access VSP's webite, click here:  Voluntary Vision

Once a year exam with a $15 co-pay, basic lenses with a $15 co-pay, frames up to $120.00 or contact lenses up to $130.00 when you use a VSP doctor.  

Anthem’s Voluntary Term Life Insurance

This insurance allows employees to add protection, above the Basic Term Life Insurance coverage.  Employees may enroll in additional coverage in $10,000 increments to a max of $300,000 for yourself and/or spouse up to age 60.  Guaranteed coverage is available to $30,000 if you are under age 60, provided you apply within your initial eligibility period.  Otherwise, for coverage over $30,000 you and/or your spouse will be required to fill out an Evidence of Insurability form and be approved for coverage.  You may also enroll dependent children ages 6 months to 25 years of age for up to $5,000 coverage per child.  

Both the Group and Voluntary Life Insurance plans are portable upon termination of employment at the same rates, provided you or your covered spouse are under age 70 and as long as the group continues coverage with Anthem Life.

Current monthly 2012 employee-paid premium costs are based on age, with smoker and non-smoker rates.  Please see pricing chart in the CHEIBA Trust Employee Benefit Plan booklet.

Voluntary Accidental Death & Dismemberment

Mutual of Omaha Insurance Company administers this plan.  This voluntary employee-paid supplemental Accidental Death and Dismemberment Insurance is designed to offer employees, and/or spouses and dependents high limit protection against covered accidents.  Employees can choose to purchase coverage from $10,000 to $300,000.  The total amount cannot exceed ten times the employee’s annual salary.  When covered injuries result in loss of life within 12 months after the date of an accident, full benefit amounts are payable for loss of life.

Current monthly 2012 employee-paid premium costs are based on the amount of coverage.  Please see pricing chart in the CHEIBA Trust Employee Benefit Plan booklet.

Section 125 Plan - optional

Employees have the option of paying health, dental and life insurance (up to $50,000 of coverage) premiums with pre-tax dollars.

Flexible Spending Accounts - optional

Employees have the option of establishing a Flexible Spending Account for out-of-pocket expenses for qualifying health care or dependent care.  To take advantage of this pre-tax benefit, employees establish an amount that will be deducted from each monthly paycheck.  

Throughout the plan year, employees submit receipts for qualifying health care and/or dependent care to the administrator of the plan for reimbursement.

This is a “use it or lose it” account.  If a balance remains in the account at the end of the plan year and cannot be reimbursed to the employee, the balance is forfeited.  

If employees take advantage of this tax break, they are not allowed to claim the expenses when filing that year’s income tax returns.

Participant Advocate Link (P.A.L.)

CHEIBA group participants have the wonderful benefit of a personal advocate to answer benefit questions.  This personalized service helps employees to have quick answers to questions related to coverage, medical cards or any benefit related issue (800) 943-0650.

Travel Accident Insurance

Employees who are actively employed and have an accident while traveling for college-approved business are covered for a maximum benefit of up to $100,000 for loss of life or dismemberment.  (Some exclusions and limitations apply.)

There is no cost to employees for this benefit.

College Retirement Program - required

Fort Lewis College does not pay into the social security system for retirement purposes (per legislation: Section 419(c) of Public Law 108-203, the Social Security Protection Act of 2004).  No social security is withheld and no “quarters” are earned toward a social security benefit.  However, the college does deduct and match 1.45% of employee’s salary for Medicare premiums.  

Employees are required to contribute 8% of their salary into a Defined Contribution Retirement Plan (DCRP).  The college currently contributes 11.4% into the same plan.  Employees have a choice of either enrolling in AIG (VALIC) or TIAA CREF for the DCRP contributions.  

There is no vesting period. The benefit upon retirement is dependent upon the investment return of the funds the employee has chosen.

Only employees who have worked and contributed to a PERA retirement plan for 12 months prior to employment at Fort Lewis College and have not taken a distribution or closed the account, may have the choice to remain in PERA for their retirement plan instead of the DCRP.  Subsequent to SB 10-146, for the Fiscal Year beginning July 1, 2010, through the next Fiscal Year ending June 30, 2012, employees are required to contribute 10.5% of their salary to PERA and the college contributes 11.35%.  Retirement benefits are defined by years of service and highest average salaries.

To access websites for our retirement programs, click here:  TIAA-CREF, VALIC or Public Employees Retirement Association

Tax Sheltered Annuity Plans

Employees may voluntarily enroll in an additional tax-sheltered annuity program under section 403(b) of the Internal Revenue Service Tax code.  Contributions to these plans are voluntary and may help provide more income upon retirement.  These contributions are subject to the IRS maximum limits and “make up” contribution limits. Please stop by the HR department for more information on these plans. 

Current tax sheltered annuity vendors and plan options are:

  • Security Benefit Life Insurance Company                  403(b)
  • State of CO PERA Deferred Compensation Plan     457
  • TIAA CREF                                                                        403(b)
  • Public Employees Retirement Association (PERA) 401(k)
  • Variable Life Insurance Company (VALIC)                 403(b)

Employee Assistance Program Fort Lewis College offers two Employee Assistance Programs to all employees who work .5 FTE or more. The program is also available to dependents of eligible employees. This service provides up to 6-8 free counseling sessions per employee/dependent, per fiscal year. If the participating employee/dependents need to have more counseling sessions, they will be required to pay for extra services personally. Employees can feel secure in knowing that their identities are kept confidential no person at Fort Lewis College will know they participated in the program.

On-Campus appointments are available by calling The State of Colorado Program (C-SEAP) at (800)-821-8154.

Off-Campus appointments are available at Mercy Medical Center through Profile EAP. To make an appointment, call (970) 764-3760. Employee's will have to present college ID's or a pay stub so that they can verify the employee works at Fort Lewis College and is eligible for the benefit.

If you have questions about any employee benefits at Fort Lewis College, please contact the Human Resources Department.

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