Human Resources


Classified Supervisor Forms:

PDQ- Position Description Questionnaire: PDF Word
Instructions for completion of PDQ

Performance Management Program Forms

  • See Performance Management Program Reference Guide for helpful hints and detailed instructions.
  • The first four forms make up the total evaluation document.
  • Other forms may be useful during process but are not required.

Performance Management Reference Guide
Appendices A, B, and C
Appendix D
Appendix E
Mid-Year Performance and Performance Plan Review

Significant Incident Form

 Forms Used for Hiring Exempt/Faculty & Temporary Employees:

Position Vacancy Form for Hiring/Replacing Positions

Employee Action Sheet (EAS):

Contract Authorization Request Form (CARF): This form is used for temporary non-student hourly positions. These positions are usually limited to 6 months in duration.  Student hourly employees also are authorized through a CARF, however, those positions are not subject to the 6 month limit, and all student paperwork should be submitted through the Office of Financial Aid.