Dr. Terry R. Bacon Leadership Center

RSO Resources

Please select the form you need, complete online, then print and get original signatures. It's also a good idea to save a copy of the form for your records. For more information, please contact the The Leadership Center at 970-247-7394

All student organizations must register through the Leadership Center. Becoming a registered student organization (RSO) allows you to utilize the resources in the Leadership Center, and earns you seed money to start the year off right.

Have questions?  Start with the RSO Handbook which has information for all officers and the advisor.  Find it here.

New and Improved

ASFLC has updated the RSO Binding Agreements and also modified the registration process.  Familiarize yourself with these changes by reviewing the NEW RSO Binding Agreements and RSO Registration Timeline.

RSO budget information is now available via the "Budget on Demand" available on theFort.  Please contact Morgan Gurule, FAB Director, at fab_director@fortlewis.edu or the Leadership Center at leadctr_st1@fortlewis.edu.

A. Access your RSOs wiki at wiki.fortlewis.edu and access online training at http://university.atlassian.com/signup

If you have issues with accessing your RSO's wiki page please contact the Leadership Center at leadctr_st1@fortlewis.edu.

B. Check Request Forms - use the appropriate form for your organization

** Remember to always provide itemized receipts for all purchases.  Reimbursements will not be provided for any purchase missing an itemized receipt.  The Leadership Center will not authorize any charges for which an RSO lacks funding. ** 

RSO II (ASFLC, Club del Centro, Engineers Without Borders, Images, PRISM, The Independent, Student Union Productions, WellPAC, Wanbli Ota)
RSO III (Environmental Center, KDUR)

C. Other Financial Forms

Indy Payment Form

D. Other Forms

Meeting Minutes
Change of Officer
Food Service Authorization Form ** Requests made less than one week from event will not be approved.
Event Planning Checklist (please note this is a generic tip sheet and may not include all the steps to make your event a success, so please stop by The Leadership Center for more support!)

Want an RSO Website? Click here for directions. After you create your website email us so that we can link this on the Registered Student Organization webpage!

E. Grants - All grants for 2013-14 are on a first-come, first-served basis so plan and apply early.

FAB Event Grant
FAB Travel Grant

Sustainability Initiatives Grant

F. Travel Forms

Travel Procedures Made Easy
Liability Waiver/Emergency Contact

FLC Travel Form

G. Contracts

Personal Services Agreement
The Leadership Center General Contract (visit The Leadership Center, SU 174 to complete this)
Please note all contracts must be approved by The Leadership Center Director before payment can be generated

H. FLC Foundation Office Forms

Wanting to create donor partnerships and raise $$$ for your organization?  Read this important information about fundraising and philanthropy to start creating fundraising plans and critical donor relations to help grow your organization.  Ready to start talking to potential donors?  Use the forms below as required by College and Foundation policies.

Fundraising Authorization
Foundation Gift in Kind Form
Foundation Deposit Form - Cash/Checks
Foundation Deposit Form - Credit Cards 
Foundation Deposit Form - Payroll Deductions
Foundation Check Request Form
Foundation Fund Transfer