Dr. Terry R. Bacon Leadership Center

Registered Student Organizations

What is a Registered Student Organization?

Students at Fort Lewis College have the right to form, join and participate in groups that promote common interests. Fort Lewis College considers this type of assembly to be essential to a student’s development and a cornerstone of their educational experience.

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are groups whose membership is comprised mainly of full-time students at FLC, as well as faculty, staff or individuals from the community. Only full-time FLC students may serve as officers and have controlling interest in the organization. RSOs may be academic and career related, cultural, faith-based, service, and interest specific.

RSOs are affiliated with, but not official units of FLC. RSOs must agree to abide by all College regulations and establish their affiliation with the College on an annual basis via the RSO registration process administered by ASFLC and the Financial Allocation Board (FAB).

Please browse through our Registered Student Organizations using the links below. For more information please contact The Leadership Center in SU 171 or (970) 247-7394.


All People's Lodge

All People's Lodge is a site on the Fort Lewis College campus that allows Native and non-Native students the opportunity to attend traditional Native sweat lodges that will be hosted by Native Nations from around the United States and Canada. Our mission is to share Native spirituality in a positive way that will bring the students and community of Durango closer together.

President: Sunshine Perry swperry@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Yvonne Bilinski bilinski_y@fortlewis.edu

American Indian Business Leaders (AIBL)

AIBL is the only American Indian non-profit organization solely dedicated to empowering business students in the United States. Our programs are designed to engage students in activities that stimulate, enhance, and expand educational experiences beyond traditional academic methods. All students are encouraged to participate in AIBL regardless of race, academic major, or career objectives.

President: Jason Hoskins, jehoskins@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Skip Page page_s@fortlewis.edu

American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)

The FLC AISES organization is a diverse group of individuals who constantly challenge themselves in attaining higher education for the benefit of their hometowns and the FLC community. Our goal is to substantially increase the representation of Native Americans and Alaskan Natives in engineering, science, and other related technology disciplines.

President: Luke Hullinger, lhullinger@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Elizabeth Mason, emmason@fortlewis.edu

Animas Students for a Democratic Society 

Animas SDS is the autonomous Durango, Colorado chapter of Students for a Democratic Society.  We work to build power in our schools and communities through nonviolent and strategic means.  We value freedom of speech, environmental and social justice, a decentralization of power and nonviolence.  We aim to create a more equitable, fair and just world by setting up opportunities for students to engage in a variety of campaigns from Fossil Fuel Divestment to Equal Pay for Equal Work and we focus on making social change a reality for the benefit of the FLC student body, faculty, administration and community.  We do this via grassroots activism, direct action, and by meeting with decision makers regarding a variety of issues.  Nothing will change for the better if no initiative is taken so we commit ourselves to be the change we wish to see in the world.

Manager: Michaela Steiner, msteiner@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Bradley Clark, clark_b@fortlewis.edu

Anthropology Club

The Fort Lewis Anthropology Club is open to any and all interested currently enrolled students at Fort Lewis College and all surrounding community members who have an interest in the field of anthropology, or any of the sub-disciplines: applied anthropology, archaeology, biological anthropology, cultural anthropology, and linguistic anthropology. The club provides a forum for speakers to make presentations to club members on aspects of the discipline of anthropology, schedule field trips and other activities that will provide direct hands-on experiences and learning, design and implement anthropological outreach programs in the local community, engage in community service projects, provide support for anthropology students, provide social activities and events for members and other interested parties, and, of course, to have fun!

President: Tyler Brickle, tabrickle@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Dr. Rebecca Austin austin_r@fortlewis.edu

Archaeology Club

The Archaeology Club is committed to fostering understanding of human material culture and experiencing culturally significant sites in the American Southwest.

President: Blythe Morrison, bmmorrison@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Kelly Jenks, kljenks@fortlewis.edu

Archery Club

The purpose of this organization is to provide opportunities for campus students and community youths to be informed and participate in the sport of archery.

President: Kyle Odin, kjodin@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Ian Grammatica, grammatica_i@fortlewis.edu

ASFLC (Associated Students of Fort Lewis College) Student Government

ASFLC and its subcommittees are a governing body of students that make decisions related to funding for all other RSOs. Members are representatives of the student body of Fort Lewis College and act as liaisons between the student population and the College itself. Every student at the college is technically a member of ASFLC, however, separate membership requirements are listed for senator, court, and executive positions.

President: Alex Thompson, althompson@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Mark Mastalski mastalski_m@fortlewis.edu

Ballet Folklorico de Fort Lewis College

Ballet Folklorico de Fort Lewis College is a dance group that embraces Hispanic culture through dancing traditional Mexican Folklore. We want to provide opportunities for students to learn how to dance and perform these traditional dances on campus and off campus. We also want to provide opportunity for students to travel around the United States and Mexico to learn different styles of Folkloric dancing from different regions of Mexico through workshops. All students can join regardless of ethnicity or skill.

President: Ciara Carey, cjcarey@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Shirena Trujillo-Long, long_s@fortlewis.edu

Bee Club

The Bee Club has a number of different missions. First and foremost is the objective to educate members through material, guest speakers, and hands on experience on how to build, maintain, interact and harvest with bees and their hives. Bees are commonly clumped together with other "pest" while nothing could be further from the truth. Bees account for 80% of insect pollination. This is the only insect that creates food that man eats. Honey is an extraordinary substance, containing vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and even water. The fact we have beehives on campus makes us unbelievably lucky. It is time to bring the bees to the masses and keep them low key no more!

President: Dylan Ruckel, djruckel@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Rebecca Clausen, clausen_r@fortlewis.edu

Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi is an honorary organization for Accounting and Finance students. The primary objective of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the business information field.

President: Lane Cook, alcook@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Chris Lyon, Lyon_C@fortlewis.edu

Boo Radley Society

The Boo Radley Society at Fort Lewis College is committed to doing random acts of kindness. Our purpose is to promote and maintain a positive atmosphere everywhere we go, spread smiles, and perform random acts of kindness while inspiring others to do the same.

President: Rita Austin, rmaustin@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Dr. Stephanie Vie, vie_s@fortlewis.edu

Buffalo Council

Buffalo Council addresses Native American student retention by promoting the agenda of Indigenous cultures, issues of sovereignty, cultural preservation, a safe environment, and a quality education at Fort Lewis College.

President: Patrick Burtt, plburtt@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Mark Seis, seis_m@fortlewis.edu 

Chemistry Club

The Fort Lewis College Chemistry Club is an organization that strives to bring together students who are interested in chemistry by performing informative and exciting weekly demonstrations, community-oriented events, and many other activities. Our primary objective is to display a perspective of chemistry that is intellectually stimulating but at the same time entertaining and enjoyable for students from all disciplines.

President: Spencer Huffman, sehuffman@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Bill Collins, collins_w@fortlewis.edu

Chess Mates

We offer an opportunity to engage with others in all things chess.

President: Ryan Seamus Royer, rroyer@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Curtis Elifritz, celifritz@fortlewis.edu

Christian Challenge/FCA

We are a group passionate about uniting the campus through open discussion, discipleship, and community. Athlete centered ministry and Conversational English Class available.

President: Kimberly Heald, kcheald@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Gordon Herrick, herrick_g@fortlewis.edu

Climbing Club

We plan to climb rocks as often as possible! The group offers connections and guidance to students who are new to the Durango area and have not yet met climbing partners. We have an excellent group of experienced climbers who can pass on safety techniques to students that are new to the sport. Additionally, we will help preserve the “low impact” ethics that have shaped the climbing community in Durango by organizing crag cleanups and trail building days in order to give back to the community and help build a relationship with other climbers outside of the school.

President: Nicholas Canaparo, njcanaparo@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Lauren Heerschap, Heerschap_L@fortlewis.edu

Club Del Centro

Club Del Centro is a multicultural student-led organization that focuses on promoting Latino culture through the means of food, social, and educational events. We will meet in the El Centro office on the ground floor of the Student Union.

President: Danielle Lucero, dllucero@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Shirena Trujillo Long, long_s@fortlewis.edu

Creative Collective Art Club

We're a group dedicated to developing individual artists though different means of participation in the Durango arts community, as well as the FLC arts community.

President: Aaron Berg, acberg@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Chad Colby, colby_c@fortlewis.edu 


Dance Co-Motion

Dance Co-Motion is a student run organization designed around the shared passion and interest of dance. Many styles are brought to the group including ballet, lyrical, hip hop, belly dancing, and much more. All levels of dance experience are welcome. Our main focus is to provide dance for enjoyment. Students choreograph pieces and put on a show, which brings quite the crowd, at the end of every semester. It's a great way to get involved on campus and be a part of the community!

President: Stephanie McKenney, smckenney@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Anne Berg Pattillo berg_a@fortlewis.edu

Diné Club

The Diné Club is a group open to all students seeking enrichment in Diné culture and language. The club seeks to expand Diné cultural exposure on campus through both cultural and language revitalization. The club offers insight into Diné vocabulary, Diné history, kinship, government, etc., through a harmonious approach of relearning and sharing Diné philosophy and cultural practices.

Alaaji' Hozh'ooji' Naat'aanii: Ruthie Edd, rredd@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Majel Boxer, boxer_m@fortlewis.edu

East Africa Service Project (EASP)

East Africa Service Project seeks to provide students and volunteers the opportunity to explore different cultures and parts of the world through micro-financing humanitarian efforts.

President: Hillary Smith, hfsmith@fortlewis.edu 
Advisor: David Kozak, kozak_d@fortlewis.edu

Economics Club

As a club for Economics, it is our mission to further educate and excite students at Fort Lewis about the economic world around us. We hope to fulfill this through discussions and debates, analysis of articles, and in time through presentations by economic professionals.  Our focus will be the observation and exploration of real-world economics as they occur through current events.

President: Giancarlo Vigil, gavigil@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Deborah Walker, walker_d@fortlewis.edu

Engineers Without Borders (EWB)

EWB at Fort Lewis College is a student centered humanitarian organization whose mission is to partner with needy communities in the developing world to find sustainable solutions to their critical engineering problems. In addition, we are training a new generation of students who understand the need for sustainable systems and who value the concept of responsible global citizenship. Students have a unique opportunity to work on real projects and learn about different cultures.

President: Aaron McDowell, aomcdowell@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Don May, may_d@fortlewis.edu

Environmental Center (EC)

The Environmental Center is a student-based organization funded by ASFLC and governed by a student majority Board of Directors. Our mission is to strengthen students' commitment to a socially just and ecologically responsible world by connecting them with opportunities to create change on campus and in the community. Students work on four different teams: Local Food, Zero-Waste, Media and Communications, and Campus Sustainability. The EC has a full-time coordinator and operations assistant who provide opportunities for students to take positive action on the issues they care about through jobs, research projects, and volunteer opportunities.

Coordinator: Rachel Landis, rllandis@fortlewis.edu
Assistant Coordinator: Alex Brooks, asbrooks@fortlewis.edu

Feminist Voice

Feminist Voice is an organization dedicated to equality and acceptance of all people through a specific look at gender, sex, and feminism.

President: Taryn Bargy, tmbargy@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Nancy Stoffer, stoffer_n@fortlewis.edu

FLC Wild

FLC Wild promotes education, awareness, and hands on restoration and conservation of wildlands and wildlife in the Durango/La Plata area. We will organize trips to lend a hand while enjoying nature. Join us for opportunities to get out, work hard, and get WILD!

Lead Coordinator: Lionel Di Giacomo, lddigiacomo@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Lee Frazer, frazer_l@fortlewis.edu

Fort Anime

Love Anime? Well, from Sailor Moon to Puella Magi and Naruto to Hakuouki, we watch it all!  We take time to watch both classic and foundation anime to the most current series released straight from Japan. Maybe you'll find your new favorite series! We also watch movies and have discussions about series, art, and music related to anime. Now with new and improved game nights!

President: Donovan Cazier, dacazier@fortlewis.edu 
Advisor: Stephanie Vie, vie_s@fortlewis.edu

French Club

The purpose of the French club is to provide activities for French and non-French students that promote the French lanuage and culture through movies, demonstrations and other events.

President: Hollie Wall, hwall@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Ellen Hartsfield, Hartsfield_e@fortlewis.edu


We plan and discuss disc golfing activities.

President: James Pritchett JApritchett@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: James Epps epps_j@fortlewis.edu

Front Row Artistries

Front Row Artistries aims to integrate all forms of the fine arts in a student-led environment. We hope to not only produce our own productions, but also organize workshops that promote networking within the arts community at Fort Lewis and the learning of all art forms. This organization also aims to involve the community, raise money for the fine arts departments at FLC, and educate those that may be interested in the arts.

President: Kenneth Breece, kjbreece@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Kathryn Moller, moller_k@fortlewis.edu


Geology Club

Open to geology and non-geology majors, the purpose of the Geology Club is to support continued interest in the geosciences via trips, events and guest speakers.

President: Miriam Moller, memoller@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Kim Hannula, hannula_k@fortlewis.edu


Images is a literary arts organization, trying to promote fine arts within the college and local community.  Images is a forum for creativity which gives students an outlet to publish works of literature and art.  It is a nonprofit student-operated organization.

President: Jaimee Souder, jrsouder@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Shawn Fullmer, fullmer_s@fortlewis.edu

Independent News

The Independent is Fort Lewis College's student managed and produced news publication. The Independent has a print newsmagazine and online publication, the Indy Online. We provide ethical and accurate news to the Fort Lewis and Durango communities.

Editor-in-Chief: Ayla Quinn, amquinn@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Leslie Blood, blood_l@fortlewis.edu

International Club

The purpose of this organization is to bring together students from different countries so they can share their experiences and cultures with other students studying at Fort Lewis College. The club achieves this by having numerous social events that draw on various countries and cultures.

President: Victoria Stevens, vmstevens@fortlewis.edu 
Advisor: Scott Miller, miller_scott@fortlewis.edu


Juggling Club

We aim to interest more people in the arts of object manipulation and other juggling related activities. We also aim to provide a fun and safe environment to practice these skills as well as the tools (toys) to do so.

President: Nadia Neff, ncneff@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Dr. Dawn Mulhern, mulhern_d@fortlewis.edu


KDUR, volunteer-powered community radio, creates a bridge between Fort Lewis College and La Plata County, by offering diverse music, alternative news, and local public affairs programming. KDUR provides educational and training opportunities in a professional setting for Fort Lewis College students and community members.

Station Manager: Bryant Liggett liggett_b@fortlewis.edu

Kinta Hvt Anukfohkachi

Kinta Hvt Anukfohkachi Society translates from Choctaw as "Enlightened by the Beaver" Society. Kinta means beaver, the beaver is a keystone species that actively alters the course of waterways, providing an abundance of habitat for a multitude of plants as well as an amazing variety of creatures especially the deer, elk, and moose that the indigenous people of North America relied on. The beaver teaches us to act with the view that the many issues facing Indigenous communities need to be addressed from a philosophy of ecological interrelatedness. The Society exists to encourage published academic research through the interdiciplinary lens of Native American Indigenous Studies in the form of scholarship, intellectual discourse, and civic engagement.

President: Christine Myers csmyers@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Nichlas Emmons ndemmons@fortlewis.edu

Knowledge Bowl

Our purpose is to have fun and learn! In addition, we allow students to utilize their academic skills in a competitive fashion. We hope to promote enthusiasm in learning for students grade six and above, which provides an outlet for intellectual individuals in our community.

President: Josie Snow jrsnow@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: William Collins collins_w@fortlewis.edu

Law Society of Fort Lewis College

This club will meet to discuss the issues involving the law school admissions process and discover and further our shared interest of the techniques associated with practicing law.

President: Jillian Wilner, Jfwilner@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Colin Glennon, crglennon@fortlewis.edu


Master Plan Ministries/Connect

Master Plan Ministries is a non-denominational Christian ministry at FLC that seeks to provide every student with a loving and accepting atmosphere where they can experience Christ's life changing message, grow in their individual strengths and develop the greatest friendships of their lives. We offer Christian fellowship and personal growth opportunities, as well as leadership development and mentorship programs.

President: Nicole O'Hara, nlohara@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Gordon Herrick, herrick_g@fortlewis.edu

Meditation Club

The Fort Lewis College Meditation Club aspires to allow students to explore divinity, self realization, and spiritual awareness through meditation in a safe and healthy environment. We intend not only to help our members in their personal growth and exploration of these modalities, but also to facilitate a relaxation and integration process that can be beneficial physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.  It is our mission to improve the happiness and health of the Fort Lewis College students and staff, as well as Durango community members and beyond.

President: Michaela Steiner, msteiner@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Judy Austin, austin_j@fortlewis.edu

National Association for Music Education (NAfME)

National Association for Music Education (NAfME), among the world's largest arts education organizations, is the only association that addresses all aspects of music education. NAfME advocates at the local, state, and national levels; provides resources for teachers, parents, and administrators; hosts professional development events; and offers a variety of opportunities for students and teachers. The Association orchestrates success for millions of students nationwide and has supported music educators at all teaching levels for more than a century.

President: Kyle Hollerbach, kdhollerbach@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Charissa Chiaravalloti, cochiaravalloti@fortlewis.edu

Native American Honor Society

We recognize and promote academic achievement and superior scholastic ability among undergraduate Native American Students.

President: Casey Long, cklong@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Adam Beals, ajbeals@fortlewis.edu 

Native American Outdoor Club

The NAOC seeks to provide access to outdoor adventure activities for Fort Lewis College's Native American student population. The NAOC provides opportunities for students to experience adventure activities while also allowing the students to become proficient in activity specific skills. The NAOC also includes various local organizations in contributing to the learning and training of students.

President: Marshall Masayesva, mmasayesva@fortlewis.edu 
Advisor: Joey Dell, jedell@fortlewis.edu

Native Campus Ministries (Native Intervarsity)

We offer a place where students can find friends, hope, and transformation in Jesus Christ. We believe that culture and tradition are gifts from the creator God, who calls us to worship and follow his son in ways that are true to who he made us to be.

President: Courtland Hopkins, crhopkins@fortlewis.edu  
Advisor: Carey Vicenti, vicenti_c@fortlewis.edu 

Newman Club

We are a Catholic-based outreach open to all FLC students and Durango community members, regardless of faith tradition. We seek to grow as a community and provide a safe and comfortable place, your "home away from home" to practice your faith, and help your community (including retreats and community services) while serving The Church and the world. We strive to be a close knit group that is supportive of one another.

President: Tim Riddell, tmriddell@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Anne McCarthy, McCarthy_A@fortlewis.edu


Pejuta Tipi Society

Pejuta Tipi Society is a student organization that introduces views based on the Native American Church religion. We provide a stable foundation for Native students and non-Native students alike, and hope to host two prayer services during the school year.

President: Camille Keith, crkeith@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Joseph Dell, jedell@fortlewis.edu

Percussion Club

The purpose of this organization is to promote the art of percussion to the public and to share our love for music. We come together to play music at local schools and venues around town to help people understand how drumming is an art form. Additionally, we hope to send students to the Percussion Arts Society International Convention in October/November every year.

President: Kyle Hollerbach, kdhollerbach@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Jonathan Latta, latta_j@fortlewis.edu

Philosophy Club

We are devoted to the ultimate pursuit of knowledge in the extreme.  We discuss a variety of topics including, but not limited to, moral theory, epistemology, metaphysics, aesthetics, axiology, etc.  It's the "Love of (non-empirical) Knowledge" Club!

President: Jakob Wheeler, jgwheeler@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Justin McBrayer jpmcbrayer@fortlewis.edu

Physics & Engineering Club

The Fort Lewis College Physics and Engineering Club is for students excited about exploring topics in Physics and Engineering.  Open to anyone interested in understanding the physical world in a casual, but informative format. This club can be a stepping stone, or a platform to those interested in developing skills necessary to succeed in an ever increasingly technological world.

Chief Operating Officer: Jonathan Sochia, jmsochia@fortlewis.edu 
Advisor: Dr. Billy Nollet, wknollet@fortlewis.edu 

Poetry Club

We are a group at Fort Lewis College created for poets, by poets. We cultivate and celebrate creativity in all forms.

President: Checkers Marshall, ramarshall@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Janine Fitzgerald, fitzgerald_j@fortlewis.edu

Political Science Club

The Political Science Club is the perfect organization for anyone interested in politics, educative discussions, and debates on a variety of issues. The mission of the club is to enrich the campus on issues going on in the political realm both domestically and internationally.

President: Melba Njenga, mnnjenga@fortlewis.edu 
Advisor: Yohannes Woldemariam, yohannes_w@fortlewis.edu 

Pre-Health Professions Club

We are an organization of students who are dedicated to pursuing careers in healthcare. As a club we focus on building resumes for professional programs, in an attempt to help students become competitive applicants in an increasingly competitive world.

President: Garrett Penry, gapenry@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Shere Byrd, byrd_s@fortlewis.edu


PRISM is the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender,and Questioning club on campus. We strive to create a safe and accepting environment for the LGBTQ community here at Fort Lewis and in Durango. We host many events throughout the year and always have a lot of fun! We are located in the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center in Reed Library. Everyone is welcome!!!

President: Julie Griffith, jmgriffith@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Barth Cox, cox_b@fortleis.edu

Psychology Club

The Psychology Club is an intellectual organization where students are able to discuss and expand ideas related to psychology. In doing so, we cultivate new skills and advance our experience.

President: Jessica Coker, jccoker@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Ava Santos santos_a@fortlewis.edu

Recreational Leadership Club

The Rec Leadership Club represents all areas of Recreation - public, private, campus, and community - and specializes in Intramural, Club Sports, Outdoor Pursuits, Fitness, Wellness, and other areas generally found on campus. We provide opportunities for members to learn and develop strong leadership skills. The Rec Leadership Club specializes in providing FLC students, faculty, and staff fun events away from work or school. We have also raised money by working at special events held in the SLC throughout the year. With this money, we send members to professional conferences to further their potential success in the career of their choice.

President: George Camisa, gfcamisa@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Brandon DenHartog, denhartog_b@fortlewis.edu

ROCA (Residents On Campus Association)

The Residents on Campus Association (ROCA) is a student organization aiming to create the best residential experience possible here at Fort Lewis. We are dedicated to improving the residence hall experience, promoting a positive, substance-free living and learning environment and being a resource for those living on campus.

President: Luke Knudsen, jlknudsen@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Hilary Brenneman, hgbrenneman@fortlewis.edu


Rooted is a place to find community.  We are a group of Christian students that meet together that encourage one another no matter where we are at on our faith journey.  We strive to be a community that makes a difference in the world through weekly meetings, service projects, worship, small groups, mission trips, and community life events.

President: Tanner Church, tjchurch@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Dr. Joshua R. Mietz, jrmietz@fortlewis.edu



FLC SACNAS, the Society for Advancing Hispanics/Chicanos & Native Americans in Science, is affiliated with the National SACNAS Organization. We are devoted to fostering the success of underrepresented individuals in the natural and behavioral sciences by helping them attain advanced degrees, careers, and positions of leadership within their fields. Everyone is welcome to join!

President: Shawnee Begay, slbegay@fortlewis.edu 
Advisor: Theresa Rodriguez, rodriguez_t@fortlewis.edu

SATA (Student Athletic Training Association)

To promote the athletic training profession and provide medical assistance for Fort Lewis College student-athletes and the community. In addition, we work to spread the awareness of the health profession and to attend the Rocky Mountain Athletic Trainers Association Symposium and the Rocky Mountain Sports Medicine Foundation monthly meetings in order to expand our knowledge of the field and improve our clinical practice.

President: Mathew McDermott, msmcdermott@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Wayne Barger, barger_w@fortlewis.edu

FLC Skateboarding Alliance

The Fort Lewis College Skateboarding Alliance is an organization focused on the alternative sport of skateboarding. The level of physical and mental commitment, the adrenaline,the gratification and sheer awesomeness of skateboarding is fully recognized and explored as an alternative sport.

President: Bryan Metze, bemetze@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Dennis Elkins, drelkins@fortlewis.edu

Ski & Snowboard Club

As a Ski & Snowboard Club we welcome all that love the snow and who want to be around others who love it as well. Come meet new friends. Learn to ski or snowboard, if you don't already know how. This club welcomes individuals of all skill level. So, no worries. JOIN US TODAY!

President: Jasmine Muniz, jmuniz@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: James Engle, engle_j@fortlewis.edu

Slackline Club

The Slackline Club is an organization to reach out to any and all students who are interested in slacklining. Slacklining is an addictive sport that works out the entire body, and especially your core. Beginners to pros are all welcome to share in the awesomeness that is slacklining! This group is here to support any desires having to do with slacklining in an encouraging, energetic atmosphere. There are many people in the club who have their own specialties such as tricklining, highlining, longlining, yoga slacking or the classic static slacking. So come one, come all to the Slacklining Club!

President: Elizabeth Thomas eathomas@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Ayla Moore moore_a@fortlewis.edu

Society of Business Leaders (SOBL)

Started in 2011, the Society of Business Leaders (SOBL) seeks to facilitate relations of students and businesses alike in the Durango community. This year, SOBL will continue to have guest speakers from the Durango business community to give members an inside look at both daily operations and success stories. As a group of professional scholars, SOBL will be anxious to produce innovative ideas to both further prosperity or resolve everyday dilemmas businesses might be facing. It is through these testimonies and interactions that members gain professional relationships with the business men and women of our community.

President: Luke Prince, lhprince@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: John Gadbois, gadbois_j@fortlewis.edu

Sociology Club

We are a group of students committed to social justice and engaging with the community by organizing programs such as the Grub Hub Food Pantry, workshops, skill shares, guest speaker events, and providing a space and resources for students to learn more about the social issues affecting our community and world and how to take action in beneficial, meaningful, and effective ways.

President: Louis Tafoya, lmtafoya@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Rebecca Clausen, Clausen_R@fortlewis.edu

Student Union Productions (SUP)

We strive to bring fun and interesting entertainment to Fort Lewis for students' enjoyment.

Administration Chair: Danielle Lucero, dllucero@fortlewis.edu 
Advisor: Elizabeth Roberts, emroberts@fortlewis.edu

Taekwon-Do Club

Fort Lewis Taekwon-Do is a club designed to help educate members in the martial art of Taekwon-Do. Members can gain and grow their knowledge of Taekwon-Do by participating in work outs, seminars, and tournaments. Fort Lewis Taekwon-Do club is open to all Fort Lewis College students, faculty, staff, and surrounding area residents.

President: Cory Patterson, bcpatterson@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Patrick Fredricks, ptfredricks@fortlewis.edu


We seek to bring fly fishermen and women together in the pursuit of happiness. Here, happiness is defined by cold and clean water, healthy fish populations, and the beauty found in chasing salmonids with rod, reel, line, and fly. As a member of the Trout Unlimited 5 Rivers program we work closely with TU to keep our country's coldwater fisheries and their watersheds safe from environmental threats for this and for future generations of anglers to enjoy. We share stories, techniques, and good times. We enjoy nature while working hard to protect and care for it.  And, we fish a lot.

Steelhead: Kyle Cartwright, kcartwright@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Gordon Herrick, herrick_g@fortlewis.edu


Veg Society

This group plans on educating and interacting with the community and students on issues related to nonhuman animals and how that relates to ethics, the environment, and health. 

President: Caleb Ontiveros, contiveros@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Sarah Roberts-Cady, roberts_s@fortlewis.edu

Veteran's Club

The Fort Lewis College Veteran's Club will seek to support veteran's and their families on campus by providing resources for interpersonal connection, answering questions regarding GI or VA Bills/issues, and any other concerns raised by members relating to veteran's issues.

President: George Usinowicz, geusinowicz@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Larry Hartsfield, hartsfield_l@fortlewis.edu 

Wanbli Ota

Wanbli Ota promotes indigenous heritage and cultural diversity on the Fort Lewis College campus and surrounding communities. Our organization is open for everyone to participate. We organize the Hozhoni Day's Pageant and Annual Pow Wow, one of FLC's largest events.

President: Kaylyn LeClaire, khleclaire@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Jim Engle, engle_j@fortlewis.edu

Wellness Peer Advisory Council (WellPAC)

We are a student-based, informative, supportive health & wellness resource aimed at promoting healthy choices among FLC students. Our efforts are intended to provide information and support for physical, mental, and emotional health via educational events, social norms media campaigns, presentations, and one-on-one peer consultations. We consider ourselves to be easily accessible to students by involving them and empowering them.

President: Ashley Atencio, anatencio@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Kendra Gallegos Reichle, kgreichle@fortlewis.edu

Westerners Club

We strive to promote and enhance both traditional and small-scale agriculture at Fort Lewis College, and the surrounding areas of Southwestern Colorado.  We serve as a link between the college and the agricultural community by educating and involving college students from all disciplines.  The club is open to all majors who have an interest in promoting food and agriculture.

President: Melissa Shelton, mkshelton@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Beth LaShell, lashell_b@fortlewis.edu

Wheel Club

Wheel Club is an organization that promotes the joy for adventure, outdoors, and riding mountain bikes. It is a completely recreational group that rides the surrounding trails in Durango. You will be welcomed if you are a pro-racer or are just starting to ride. All we ask is that you have a genuine passion for riding mountain bikes, and a desire to explore and challenge yourself.

President: Austin Breunig, ambreunig@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Ayla Moore, moore_a@fortlewis.edu

Women in Science

Fort Lewis Women in Science is a club devoted to fostering a sense of community and solidarity among undergraduate women engaged in science at Fort Lewis College. Our mission is to sponsor academic, career, and public service programs, create mentoring networks with graduate and professional level women, and serve as a resource for those pursuing the sciences. We are a support network and resource base, facilitiating weekly discussion groups on women's issues and providing inspiration and encouragement for those pursuing science-related careers.

President: Katherine McLain, kamclain@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Aimee Morris, ammorris@fortlewis.edu

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