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Registered Student Organizations

What is a Registered Student Organization?

Students at Fort Lewis College have the right to form, join and participate in groups that promote common interests. Fort Lewis College considers this type of assembly to be essential to a student’s development and a cornerstone of their educational experience.

Registered Student Organizations (RSOs) are groups whose membership is comprised mainly of full-time students at FLC, as well as faculty, staff or individuals from the community. Only full-time FLC students may serve as officers and have controlling interest in the organization. RSOs may be academic and career related, cultural, faith-based, service, and interest specific.

RSOs are affiliated with, but not official units of FLC. RSOs must agree to abide by all College regulations and establish their affiliation with the College on an annual basis via the RSO registration process administered by ASFLC and the Financial Allocation Board (FAB).

Please browse through our Registered Student Organizations using the links below. For more information please contact The Leadership Center in SU 171 or (970) 247-7394(970) 247-7394.

Image of student clubs


All People's Lodge

All People's Lodge (APL) focuses on cultural revitalization through oral traditional ”sweat lodge” participation, enabling neighboring Native nations to hold-tribal specific-sweat ceremonies for female & male participants. APL will mediate the process of ensuring: respect for the sweat lodges (Female & Male), the acquisition of outside-tribal specific-sweat leaders, maintaining lodge grounds, safety of participants, etc.

President: Shawn Rico, sdrico@fortlewis.edu 
Advisor: Joey Dell, jedell@fortlewis.edu 

FLC American Association of Petroleum Geologists (AAPG) Student Chapter

The purpose of this Association is to advance the science of geology, especially as it relates to petroleum, natural gas, and other energy mineral resources; to promote the technology of exploring for, finding, and producing these materials from the earth; to foster the spirit of scientific research throughout its membership; to disseminate information relating to the geology and the associated technology of petroleum, natural gas, and other energy mineral resources; to inspire and maintain a high standard of professional conduct on the part of its membership; to provide the public with means of recognition of adequately trained and professionally responsible petroleum geologists; and to advance the professional wellbeing of its membership. We also provide a means of contact with the geological profession both inside and outside of academia. 

President: Josh Adams, jgadams@fortlewis.edu
Gary Gianinny, gianinny_g@fortlewis.edu

American Indian Science and Engineering Society (AISES)

The FLC AISES organization is a diverse group of individuals whose purpose is to promote Native Americans in the STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) fields, and  to provide networking opportunities at National and Regional AISES Conferences.

President: Luke Hullinger, lhullinger@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Elizabeth Mason, emmason@fortlewis.edu

Anthropology Club

 The FLC Anthropology Club helps students explore all anthropological subfields. We encourage the fun of learning by going on educational adventures, hosting riveting events, and leading in depth discussions on a variety of anthropological topics. Through these activities, we wish to bring together FLC, Durango and the surrounding communities, and all surrounding cultures in the pursuit of expanding anthropological thought and understanding.

President: TJ Trump, tktrump@fortlewis.edu
Dr. Kathleen Fine, FINE_K@fortlewis.edu

ASFLC (Associated Students of Fort Lewis College) Student Government

ASFLC and its subcommittees are a governing body of students that make decisions related to funding for all other RSOs. Members are representatives of the student body of Fort Lewis College and act as liaisons between the student population and the College itself. Every student at the college is technically a member of ASFLC, however, separate membership requirements are listed for senator, court, and executive positions.

President: Scott Greenler, smgreenler@fortlewis.edu 
Advisor: Mark Mastalski, mastalski_m@fortlewis.edu

Astronomy Club

The Astronomy club is a new club striving to build a community of amateur astronomers of all levels. Learning with your peers is essential in building a greater understanding of the universe in which we live. All are welcome in participating that have a common interest in collectively learning.

President: Garrison Linn, gclinn@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Dr. Charles Hakes, Hakes_C@fortlewis.edu

Ballet Folklorico de Durango

Ballet Folklorico de Durango is a dance group that embraces Hispanic culture through dancing traditional Mexican Folklore. We want to provide opportunities for students to learn how to dance and perform these traditional dances both on- and off-campus. We also want to provide opportunities for students to travel around the United States and Mexico to learn different styles of Folkloric dancing from different regions of Mexico through workshops. All students can join regardless of ethnicity or skill.

President: Ciara Carey, cjcarey@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Shirena Trujillo-Long, long_s@fortlewis.edu

Bee Club

The Bee Club is an RSO designed to give students the opportunity to learn and practice bee keeping. The club currently has three honey bee hives located on campus and club members have ample opportunity to work hands on with the bees. Bee keeping is an important and quickly growing form of urban agriculture that promotes healthy hives, healthy gardens, and healthy lives. The main goal of the Bee Club is to educate students on the importance of honey bees to our food system; as well as inspire students to become bee activists and bee keepers.

President: Hallie Venaglia, hfvaenaglia@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Rebecca Clausen, Clausen_R@fortlewis.edu

Beta Alpha Psi

Founded in 1919, Beta Alpha Psi is an honor organization for finance and accounting majors. There are over 300 chapters on college and university campuses with over 300,000 members initiated since Beta Alpha Psi's formation. The primary objective of Beta Alpha Psi is to encourage and give recognition to scholastic and professional excellence in the business information field.

President: Shane Saginak, stsaginak@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Chris Lyon, Lyon_C@fortlewis.edu

Buffalo Council

Buffalo Council addresses Native American student retention by promoting the agenda of Indigenous cultures, issues of sovereignty, cultural preservation, a safe environment, and a quality education at Fort Lewis College.

President: Patrick Burtt, plburtt@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Elizabeth Mason, emmason@fortlewis.edu

Chemistry Club

The Fort Lewis College Chemistry Club is an organization that strives to bring together students who are interested in chemistry by performing informative, but exciting weekly demonstrations, community-oriented events, and many other activities. Our primary objective is to display a perspective of chemistry that is intellectually stimulating, but at the same time entertaining and enjoyable for students from all disciplines.

President: Spencer Huffman, sehuffman@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Bill Collins, collins_w@fortlewis.edu

Chess Mates

Chess Mates exists to bring individuals together to experience all things chess.

Chess Master Zero: Ryan Seamus Royer, rroyer@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Curtis Elifritz, celifritz@fortlewis.edu

Christian Challenge

We are a Christian club in a non-church setting. We meet on Tuesday nights and discuss topics selected by students on a conversational level, brining our many different backgrounds and viewpoints and working through Biblical answers in a loving community.

President: Aleksander Trbovich, ajtrbovich@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Whitney Gonzalez, wdgonzales@fortlewis.edu

Club Del Centro

Club Del Centro is a multicultural student-led organization that focuses on promoting Latino culture through the means of food, social, and educational events. We will meet in the El Centro office on the ground floor of the Student Union.

President: Danielle Lucero, dllucero@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Shirena Trujillo Long, long_s@fortlewis.edu

Creative Collective

Creative Collective is a group of student artists who are in pursuit of furthering their lives in art. We are the official art club of FLC.

President: Aaron Berg, acberg@fortlewis.edu
Chad Colby, colby_c@fortlewis.edu

Fort Lewis Country Club

The Fort Lewis Country Club is a tennis and golf club where urban sophistication meets Fort Lewis tradition. At the Fort Lewis Country Club, members become friends and have experiences that are cherished for a lifetime. Our commitment is to help create lasting memories for years to come.

President: River White, rowhite1@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Felicia Meyer, meyer_f@fortlewis.edu 


Dance Co-Motion

Dance Co-Motion is a student run organization designed around the shared passion and interest of dance. Many styles are brought to the group including ballet, lyrical, hip-hop, belly dancing, and much more. All levels of dance experience are welcome. Our main focus is to provide dance for enjoyment. Students choreograph pieces and put on a show, which brings a large crowd, at the end of every semester. It's a great way to get involved on campus and be a part of the community!  Discover friendships and new dance styles with Dance Co-Motion!

President: Stephanie McKenney, smckenney@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Anne Berg Pattillo, berg_a@fortlewis.edu

Dine Club

The Dine Club is a group open to all students seeking enrichment in Dine culture and language. The club seeks to expand Dine cultural exposure on campus through both cultural and language revitalization. The club offers insight into Dine vocabulary, Dine history, kinship, government, etc., through a harmonious approach of relearning and sharing Dine philosophy and cultural practices.

President: Oliva Duncan, omduncan@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Majel Boxer, boxer_m@fortlewis.edu

East Africa Service Project

EASP helps raise funds for the Kilimanjaro Childrens Joy Foundation (KCJF) in Boma N'Gombe Tanzania.

President: Patrick Feeney, pdfeeney@fortlewis.edu
David Kozak, KOZAK_D@fortlewis.edu

Engineers Without Borders

We are a group of volunteer faculty members, students and community partners who share the belief that everyone in the world has certain basic rights such as a right to safety, a right to the resources needed to feed and care for their family, a right to clean water and others. We believe that it is important for us to use our gifts to help others realize these rights.

President: Ashley Garcia, jagarcia@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Don May, may_d@fortlewis.edu

Environmental Center (EC)

The Fort Lewis College Environmental Center is a 22-year strong campus organization committed to the future of both our planet and the people living upon it. We work towards these goals by first identifying areas on campus or in our community that are ripe for positive change and then providing FLC students with the opportunity to become the agents of that change through project management, engagement, or participation. In turn, through the training, development, teamwork, and leadership required to develop and actualize project concepts, EC students become the passionate, skilled leaders and citizens that our society will require post-graduation.

Coordinator: Rachel Landis, rllandis@fortlewis.edu

Feminist Voice

An organization devoted to promoting dialogue and activism around issues of inequality, including but not limited to Gender Equality, Marriage Equality, Racism, Classism, Environmental Protection and Fair Trade.

President: Dana Mastangelo, dlmastangelo@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Nancy Stoffer, n_stoffer@fortlewis.edu

FLC Life-Line

The mission of the Fort Lewis College Life-Line is to provide a safe haven for pro-life students, while equipping them with the knowledge, courage, and opportunity to defend the preborn. As a club, we hope to advocate for parents on campus, present and future, as well as console those who have undergone or are considering abortion; compassionately, selflessly, and without judgment.

President: Emily Sandner, evsandner@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Justin McBrayer, jpmcbrayer@fortlewis.edu

FLC Wild

FLC Wild promotes education, awareness, and hands-on conservation stewardship of wildlands and wildlife among FLC students and the surrounding community. We aim to build a group which enjoys and respects nature with a strong commitment to an ecologically conscious, resilient future which respects the vast diversity of life on earth. Join us for opportunities to get out, work hard, and get WILD!

Coordinator: Lionel Di Giacomo, lddigiacomo@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Lee Frazer, frazer_l@fortlewis.edu

Frolf Club

We plan and discuss disc golfing activities.

President: James Pritchett, japritchett@fortlewis.eduA
Jake Epps, epps_j@fortlewis.edu or Jay Dougan, dougan_j@fortlewis.edu

Flow Club

the flow club is for any type of meditatifve flow art, as in poi, hula hoops, devil sticks, slacklines, and any other type of toy.  We want to gather to play together and teach each other techniques and whatnot.

Ninja Mystic: Kevin Peterman, knpeterman@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Deb Walker, walker_d@fortlewis.edu

Fort Anime

Fort Anime is a club centered around Japanese animation and other related subjects.

President: Donovan Cazier, dacazier@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Michele Malach, malach_m@fortlewis.edu

Front Row Artistries

We would like to bring a collaboration in the Fine Arts such as theatre, film, music and dance to the Community of Fort Lewis COllege and Durango in a fun and exciting way.

President: Leslie Insell, ljinsell@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Ginny Davis, davis_g@fortlewis.edu



Geology Club

Open to both geology majors and non-majors, the purpose of the Geology Club is to support interests in the geosciences via field trips, events, guest speakers, and community outreach.

President: Sara Holden, scholden@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Kim Hannula, hannula_k@fortlewis.edu

Healthcare Professions Club

The Healthcare Professions Club will concentrate on coordinating volunteer opportunities, providing preparation materials for entrance exams, scheduling guest speakers, and organizing healthcare discussions.

President: Michael Glade, mmglade@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Shere Byrd, byrd_s@fortlewis.edu 

Images Literary Arts Magazine

Images is a literary arts organization dedicated to promoting fine arts within the college and local community. The annual magazine is a forum for creativity, which gives students an outlet to publish works of literature, photography, and art. 

Editor: Jaimee Souder, jrsouder@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Shawn Fullmer, fullmer_s@fortlewis.edu

Independent News

The Independent (Indy) is a student-managed news organization that strives to provide relevant news and information to the student community through its news magazine, website, social media, and video production. The Indy provides students the opportunity to gain real-world experience with producing news content.

Editor-in-Chief: Trevor Ogborn, twogborn@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Leslie Blood, blood_l@fortlewis.edu

International Club

The International Club seeks to bring international and American FLC students together to encourage diversity and cultural awareness. Club members attend optional events aimed to help students make the most of their time at FLC and meet fellow students.

President: Emma Kurfis, emkurfis@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Scott Miller, miller_scott@fortlewis.edu





KDUR, volunteer-powered community radio, creates a bridge between Fort Lewis College and La Plata County, by offering diverse music, alternative news, and local public affairs programming. KDUR provides educational and training opportunities in a professional setting for Fort Lewis College students and community members.

Station Manager: Bryant Liggett liggett_b@fortlewis.edu




Master Plan Ministries

Master Plan Ministries is a non-denominational Christian ministry at FLC that seeks to provide every student with a loving and accepting atmosphere where they can experience Christ's life-changing message, grow in their individual strengths and develop the greatest friendships of their lives. We offer Christian fellowship and personal growth opportunities, as well as leadership development and mentorship programs.

President: Nicole O'Hara, nlohara@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Gordy Herrick, herrick_g@fortlewis.edu

Meditation Club

The Fort Lewis College Meditation Club aspires to allow students to explore divinity, self-realization, and spiritual awareness through meditation in a safe and healthy environment. We intend not only to help our members in their personal growth and exploration of these modalities, but also to facilitate a relaxation and integration process that can be beneficial physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. We bring guest speakers to the weekly group, practice various forms of meditation, and hope to promote a more peaceful world through self-transformation. It is our mission to improve the happiness and health of the Fort Lewis College students and staff, as well as Durango community members and beyond.

President: Lionel DiGiacomo, lddigiacomo@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Judy Austin, austin_j@fortlewis.edu

National Association for Music Eduction (NAfME)

National Association for Music Education (NAfME), among the worldΓÇÖs largest arts education organizations, is the only association that addresses all aspects of music education. NAfME advocates at the local, state, and national levels; provides resources for teachers, parents, and administrators; hosts professional development events; and offers a variety of opportunities for students and teachers. The Association orchestrates success for millions of students nationwide and has supported music educators at all teaching levels for more than a century.

President: Kyle hollerbach, kdhollerbach@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Charissa Chiaravalloti, cochiaravalloti@fortlewis.edu

Native American Honor Society

We are dedicated to providing a place for like-minded scholars to join and give back to the community while maintaining academic excellence. We recognize and promote academic achievement and superior scholastic ability among undergraduate Native American Students.

President: Natalie Joe, nsjoe@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Adam Beals, ajbeals@fortlewis.edu  

Native American Outdoor Club

The NAOC is enthusiastic about providing educational outdoor adventure opportunities to the Native and non-Native student population of Fort Lewis College. Through adventure activities, the NAOC strives to influence cross-cultural teachings while providing opportunities for students to become proficient in activity specific skills.

President: KeNeda Randall, kcrandall@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Joey Dell, jedell@fortlewis.edu

Native InterVarsity

We are a community of Native Nations students who laugh together, love Jesus, and love our people and traditions.

President: Shane Largo, sblargo@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Doug Hunderman, dhunderman@fortlewis.edu

Newman Club

Fort Lewis College Newman Club reaches out to the Fort Lewis, Durango and wider communities through service and development in the Catholic faith. We provide leadership opportunities and training within the club and we foster Christian spiritual, social and intellectual growth among FLC students, facility, staff and the Durango community as a whole.

President: Tim Riddell, tmriddle@fortlewis.edu
 Anne McCarthy, McCarthy_A@fortlewis.edu





Parkour and Ninja Warrior Club

Fort Lewis Parkour and Ninja Warrior Club is designed to coach and train participants in the movement art of parkour and the popular physically challenging show known as Ninja Warrior. Through fun and challenging workouts and obstacle courses, participants can push themselves physically and mentally towards attaining their personal goals. Parkour and Ninja Warrior Club is open to all Fort Lewis students, faculty, staff, and surrounding area residents.

President: Renae Dambly, rdambly@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Molly Turner, mkturner@fortlewis.edu

Pejuta Tipi Society

Pejuta Tipi Society purpose is to encourage, promote and educate Natives and Non Native students alike about Indigenous spirituality through the expression of beliefs and ceremonial activities. Our goals is to provide assistance for Fort Lewis College students in need of holistic healing and maintaining spirituality on behalf of Native American Church Ceremonial ways.

President: Marquel Begay, mabegay@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Joey Dell, jedell@fortlewis.edu

Percussion Club

The purpose of this organization is to promote the art of percussion to the public and to share our love for music. We come together to play music at local schools and venues around town to help people understand and appreciate drumming as an art form. Additionally, we hope to send students to the Percussive Arts Society International Convention in October/November every year.

President: Kyle Hollerbach, kdhollerbach@fortlewis.edu
Jonathan Latta, latta_j@fortlewis.edu

Philosophy Club

Strive for deeper thought and knowledge about the world

President: Livie Crawford, ldcrawford@fortlewis.edu
Dugald Owen, owen_d@fortlewis.edu

Physics and Engineering Club

The FLC Physics & Engineering Club is a Registered Student Organization encompassing the experimentation and exploration of various topics in physics and engineering.  Open to anyone interested in understanding the physical word in a casual and fun format.  This club can be a stepping stone, or a platform to those interested in developing skills necessary to succeed in an ever increasingly technological world.

Chief Operations Officer: Jonathan Sochia, jmsochia@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Billy K Nollet, wknollet@fortlewis.edu

Political Science Club

The Political Science Club is an organization open to anyone that is interested in politics, debate, and enriching conversations that deal with the political atmospheres around the world and in history. One of the main purposes of the club is to educate the campus on events that are happening around the world by having open debates and organizing speaking events featuring: political figures, professors, and members of the community.

President: Melba Njenga, mnnjenga@fortlewis.edu 
Advisor: Yohannes Woldemariam, yohannes_w@fortlewis.edu 

PRISM: A Queer- Straight Alliance

PRISM is FLC's only Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and Questioning (LGBTQ) club.  We welcome any student both LGBTQ or Ally!  Our mission is provide a fun and safe environment for LGBTQ and allied students.  We have many fun and exciting and fun events throughout the year.  We meet at the Gender and Sexuality Resource Center in Reed Library, to the left of the Fish Bowl.  All are welcome and we are looking forward to great year!

President: Hannah Smith, hsmith@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Nancy Stoffer, stoffer_n@fortlewis.edu

Psychology Club

This club is open to all majors. We are looking for students to join who are interested in expanding their career opportunities for post graduation, and take part in fun and educational activities around campus.

President: Eliza Morrison, ejmorrision@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Ava Santos, santos_a@fortlewis.edu

Pueblo Alliance

This organization is a Pueblo Society, bringing students together to learn about the ways of Pueblo Life and the similarities and differences in the Pueblos. It is also a way to bring the "home away from home" atmosphere here to the campus.

President: Mariah Gachupin, mmgachupin@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Yvonne Bilinski, bilinski_y@fortlewis.edu

Recreational Leadership Club

Recreational Leadership Club provides opportunities for members to learn and to develop strong leadership skills. Recreational Leadership Club specializes in providing Fort Lewis College students, faculty, and staff members with productive and fun events designed with the campus community in mind. With the money that we raise, we send members to professional conferences to further their experiences and knowledge within collegiate recreational services.

President: Cody Christianson, cgchristianson@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Brandon DenHartog, denhartog_b@fortlewis.edu

Residents On Campus Association 

The Residents on Campus Association (ROCA) is a student organization aiming to create the best residential experience possible here at Fort Lewis. We are dedicated to improving the residence hall experience, promoting a positive, substance-free living and learning environment and being a resource for those living on campus.

President: Luke Knudsen, jlknudsen@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Hilary Brenneman, hgbrenneman@fortlewis.edu


Rooted is a college Christian ministry for anyone and everyone looking to grow in their faith. We are a community of friends that do a lot of activities together throughout the week and help each other through life. We take several outdoor trips each month. Our leadership development, worship, small groups, and outdoor adventures happen just about every day. Check out our website for more information. 

President: Tanner Church, tjchurch@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Josh Mietz, jrmietz@fortlewis.edu




FLC SACNAS (Society for Advancing Hispanics/Chicanos & Native Americans in Science, is part of the national SACNAS organization, devoted to helping underrepresented students in natural and behavioral sciences to pursue an advanced degree, career and leadership positions within their field.

President: Shawnee Begay, slbegay@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Theresa Rodriguez, rodriguez_t@fortlewis.edu

Society of Business Leaders (SOBL)

The purpose of SOBL is to foster the study of business while networking with businesses in the local community. Scholars from departments campus-wide are encouraged to discover the benefits of business professionalism.

President: Luke Prince, lhprince@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: John Gadbois, gadbois_j@fortlewis.edu

Sociology Club

We are a group of students committed to social justice and engaging with the community with programs such as the Grub Hub Food Pantry, Lending Library, guest speaker events, and providing a space and resources for students to learn more about the social issues affecting our community and world and how to take action in beneficial, meaningful, and effective ways.

President: Colin Clausen, cjclausen@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Rebecca Clausen, Clausen_R@fortlewis.edu

Student Athletic Training Association

The SATA is for students interested in the athletic training profession. We provide medical assistance for Fort Lewis College student-athletes and the community. In addition, we work to spread the awareness of the health profession through volunteering in the community. We have weekly meetings and a yearly trip to the Rocky Mountain Athletic Trainers Association Symposium to continue our knowledge of the field and improve our clinical practice.

President: Julia Villani, jmvillani@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Wayne Barger, barger_w@fortlewis.edu

Student Union Productions (SUP)

We serve as the student programming board that represents the diverse interests of the Fort Lewis College student body.  SUP seeks active student involvement through both participation in planning and attendance at events. We are responsible for producing a variety of special projects, larger events and cultural and educational programs to enhance the FLC experience.

Administration Chair: Danielle Lucero, dllucero@fortlewis.edu 
Advisor: Elizabeth Roberts, emroberts@fortlewis.edu

Taekwon-Do Club

Fort Lewis Taekwon-Do is a club designed to help educate members in the martial art of Taekwon-Do. Members can gain and grow their knowledge of Taekwon-Do by participating in work outs, seminars, and tournaments. Fort Lewis Taekwon-Do Club is open to all Fort Lewis College students, faculty, staff, and surrounding area residents.

President: Cory Patterson, bcpatterson@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Patrick Fredricks, ptfredricks@fortlewis.edu



Vegetarian/Vegan Society/Animal Rights Association

The FLC Vegetarian Society/Animal Rights Association is open to all levels of activism, volunteering, positive change, advocacy, and/or anyone who is curious about becoming vegetarian/vegan or who is even mildly interested in human and animal rights!

President: Brandon Barbour, bsbarbour@fortlewis.edu 
Advisor: Sarah Roberts-Cady, roberts_s@fortlewis.edu

Veterans Club

To provide Veterans and their families with a sense of camaraderie that was a part of everyday military life.  Also, to give the Veteran student a place to go for assistance in acclimating to student life after the military.

President: Lynn Iron, lriron@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Terry Hobbs, hobbs_t@fortlewis.edu

Wanbli Ota

Wanbli Ota means Many Eagles in the Lakota language. We are a student-run, non-profit organization at Fort Lewis College. Our goal is to promote cultural diversity on campus as well as in our surrounding communities. Our events happen throughout the school year. Anyone is welcome to join Wanbli Ota! We look forward to meeting you.

President: Kaylyn LeClaire, khleclaire@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Yvonne Bilinski, bilinski_y@fortlewis.edu

Water Justice Project

The members of the Water Justice Project (WJP) aim to increase water literacy to our fellow junior peers on the FLC campus. Water is involved in almost everything we do and care about, so lets learn about the implications of efficient (or inefficient) uses of water. The group seeks to build bridges with peers from every department on campus, reflecting the values of a liberal arts education.

Director: Maram Ashe Alawi, maalawi@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Erik Juergensmeyer, juergensmeyer_e@fortlewis.edu  

Wellness Peer Advisory Council (WellPAC)

The Wellness Peer Advisory Council is a student-led health & wellness organization aimed at promoting healthy choices among FLC students. WellPAC reaches out to the campus through a humanistic approach, aiming to meet students where they are at with their physical, social, and emotional health. Through educational programs, small groups, outreach efforts and peer consultations using Motivational Interviewing techniques, WellPAC hopes to provide resources for students that will support them to be happy, healthy, and successful FLC students!

President: Carly Marceau, cnmarceau@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Kendra Gallegos Reichle, kgreichle@fortlewis.edu

Women in Science

The Fort Lewis Women in Science Club focuses on the advancement and support of women in STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math) disciplines. We aim to raise awareness of the challenges presented to women seeking degrees and careers in the sciences. We hope that our club will provide necessary encouragement, instill confidence in women and promote the healthy expression of each woman's authentic self. By participating in outreach, we intend to provide role models for future generations of female scientists.

President: Margo Paces, mnpaces@fortlewis.edu
Advisor: Aimee Morris, ammorris@fortlewis.edu