Dr. Terry R. Bacon Leadership Center

Student Leaders of the Month

Carly MarceauName: Carly Marceau
Major: Public Health
Hometown: Wheat Ridge, CO
Top 5 Strengths: Restorative, Relator, Connectedness, Empathy, Developer

Carly is the Event Planning Coordinator for Wellness Peer Advisory Council (WellPAC) and really stepped it up in February by taking on the planning for their Valentine’s Day event. She is never afraid to share her opinion in meetings and speaks up, even when her peers fall silent. She encourages and shows appreciation for the other members while also gracefully handling stressful times. (Nominated by Kendra Gallegos Reichle—Student Wellness Initiatives)


Naomi BigbeeName: Naomi Bigbee
Major: Graphic Design
Hometown: Taos, NM
Top 5 Strengths: Maximizer, Achiever, Empathy, Positivity, Strategic

Naomi, Promotions Chair for Student Union Productions, co-produced SKYFEST 2014 which turned out to be the biggest SKYFEST to date. She worked extremely hard to see her vision for SKYFEST come to life right down to every detail. She designed the logo and poster for the event. She also spent two days chalking the campus with her beautiful artwork, which you could not miss! Naomi’s attention to detail immaculate and she enjoys talking the extra time to make an event truly special. (Nominated by Elizabeth Roberts—Leadership Center)


If you would like to nominate a Student Leader of the Month, please contact Patrick Fredricks.