Trademark Licensing

The Trademark Licensing Process at Fort Lewis College

About Marks

Fort Lewis College is the owner of certain trademarks, trade names, word marks and service marks including, but not limited to:

  • "Fort Lewis College,"
  • "FLC Skyhawks,"
  • "Skyhawks,"
  • "FLC in Durango,"
  • "Fort Lewis College in Durango,"
  • "Colorado’s Public Liberal Arts College,"
  • "Colorado's Campus in the Sky,"
  • "FLC Athletics,”  
  • our seal, our signature, logos etc.

These are collectively called “marks.”

Everyone, including every FLC affiliated individual, organization, club, team, group, office, department, etc. must use a licensed vendor when ordering products or producing content with FLC marks. Products include, but are not limited to, shirts, uniforms, notebooks, pens, backpacks, stationary, lanyards, mugs, picture frames, backpacks, blankets…

The royalty fee to use FLC marks is 8% on products sold for profit. There is no fee for a product that is not sold for profit. 

The Process: How to adhere to the licensing program

  1. Choose a vendor from the approved vendor list and they will do the rest.
  2. Review FLC official marks and identity guidelines.
  3. Questions about the identity guidelines or logo use, contact Bill Grimes at  (970) 247-7447,
  4. If you have a favorite vendor, have them added to the approved vendor list. Contact Keri Sackowski, SMA Inc., (317) 669-0808, It’s easy.
  5. General questions or need help, contact Elizabeth Bussian, Licensing Coordinator, (970) 247-7207,

Additional mark guidelines:

  • Names, logos, marks should not be altered. No new names, logos, marks may be developed.
  • Names, logos, marks should have the proper trademark symbol.
  • Names, logos marks should not be used in association with entities outside of FLC without prior authorization.
  • FLC students, faculty, staff may not use FLC names, logos, marks which imply that FLC supports or endorses a movement, candidate, activity or program not officially sponsored by the college.
  • Use of the seal is by permission only.
  • FLC names, logos, marks may not be used with other trademarked or registered marks without permission from the owners of all marks.
  • Any trademark or registered mark use deemed unsuitable or in poor taste will not be allowed.
  • Fort Lewis College reserves the right to deny delivery or confiscate unauthorized product based on the guidelines outlined on this web site.
  • Web - Use of marks on official FLC sites is permitted as long as they are used correctly.

This program is fully supported by the Fort Lewis College Purchasing Department.