Maximizing Access to Research Careers Program

Research Opportunities

Summer research at Caltech for minority students

10 week summer research opportunity for minority students at Caltech. The students receive a stipend of $6000, and provide room and board.  The students are placed in a laboratory, in close contact with P.H D students and postdocs.  Here is the link which describes the program:

The USC Viterbi School of Engineering REACH event for prospective Ph.D. students on November 20-21, 2014.

REACH is an all-expenses paid, doctoral preview program that takes place at USC’s University Park Campus near downtown Los Angeles. Round-trip transportation, lodging and meals for REACH participants will be paid for by the USC Viterbi School. Attendees who later apply to the USC Viterbi School of Engineering for doctoral study will also have their $85 application fee waived.  - See more at:

Structural Biology and Biochemistry Ph.D. Program at University of Colorado-Denver

The Structural Biology and Biochemistry Ph.D. Program (STBB) at the University of Colorado-Denver, Anschutz Medical Campus is one of the strongest programs of its kind in the country and one that will provide outstanding training for a career in the varied areas of Structural Biology and Biochemistry. The Program is supported through the graduate school and has access to state-of-the-art equipment and hands-on training in technologies that include NMR Spectroscopy, X-ray Crystallography, Mass Spectrometry/Proteomics,  Peptide/Protein Chemistry, Computational Biochemistry and Biophysics.  Graduate student training and progress are carefully monitored to ensure completion of the Ph.D. degree in a timely fashion.

The STBB program is currently accepting applications (due Dec 1) and is hoping to grow both our applicant pool and program for the Fall of 2015.  Attached is our program flyer as well as a link to our website.

NSF funds pilot project aimed at increasing the number of American Indians and Alaska Natives faculty members

Lighting the Pathway to Faculty Careers for Natives in STEM.

Potentially interested students should send an e-mail message to Lisa Paz at Lisa is collecting the information for potential applicants.The application website will be up soon.

Intramural NIAID Research Opportunities (INRO) 

A program sponsored by the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), National Institutes of Health.  This program is for underrepresented populations in science who are interested in allergy, immunology, and infectious diseases.  Students selected to attend INRO 2015 will learn about today’s hottest biomedical topics – HIV, tuberculosis, malaria, and biodefense.  They will explore training opportunities, such as summer internships or postbaccalaureate, predoctoral, or postdoctoral programs, in the world-renowned NIAID laboratories.

Information about these programs can be found at (search “INRO”), and on the health career professions club website.