Marketing Program

Our Mission

The School of Business prepares students for positions in our complex and dynamic economy by creating diverse learning experiences in a student-centered environment.

Our Value Proposition

Provide a private undergraduate college education at the price of a public college through:

  • highly qualified teacher-scholars dedicated to students and graduates and
  • a curriculum that is responsive to society's needs and to increased learning inside and outside the classroom, continuously adapted to meet the needs of organizations and communities in our society
  • which develop a liberally educated and professionally competent student who:
  1. understands the principles of modern business and organizational practices (Learning as Inquiry)
  2. uses analytical tools and techniques proficiently for decision making in the business world (Critical Thinking and Problem Solving)
  3. communicates and interacts effectively with groups necessary for a business career (Communication), and
  4. is prepared for a business career in a complex and dynamic economy (Real World Application)