Department of Mathematics

Math Assistance Center (MAC) Schedule

Help is available for many of your math courses. Just stop by Berndt 700 and you should find some friendly people there ready to help.

Schedule for the Math Assistance Center (Berndt 700) for Spring 2014:

Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday
9:00-9:30 Jason Jason Jason
9:30-10:00 Carl and Jason
Carl and Jason
Vera and Jason
10:00-10:30 Carl and Joey Heidi and Brendan S. Carl and Joey Heidi and Josh Vera and Joey
10:30-11:00 Brandon T. and Joey Heidi and Brendan S. Brandon T. and Joey Heidi and Josh Joey and Brendan S.

Curtis, Brandon T., and Shaun

Heidi and Conor Erich, Brandon T., and Shaun Heidi and Conor Curtis, Brandon T. and Brendan S.
11:30-12:00 Curtis and Shaun Heidi and Conor Erich and Shaun Conor and Jasmine Curtis and Brandon T.
12:00-12:30 Curtis, Wade, and Heidi Conor and Shaun (from 12:15) Wade and Heidi Conor and Jasmine Curtis, Wade, and Heidi
12:30-1:00 Anne, Hannah, and Wade Laura and Shaun Lindsay, Hannah, and Wade Conor and Jasmine Lindsay, Jasmine, and Wade
1:00-1:30 Anne and Hannah Laura, Shaun (to 1:15), and Josh (from 1:15) Lindsay and Hannah Erich and Michael Lindsay and Jasmine
1:30-2:00 Anne and Michael Laura and Josh Vera and Josh Erich and Michael Anne, Jasmine, and Josh
2:00-2:30 Erich and Michael Curtis and Josh Vera and Josh Carl and Josh Anne and Josh
2:30-3:00 Erich and Josh Curtis and Josh Josh (to 3:15) and Wade Carl and Josh Anne and Josh
3:00-3:30 Lindsay (from 3:15) and Josh Josh and Heidi Laura (from 3:15), Lindsay (from 3:15) and Heidi Vera and Josh Nikki and Heidi
3:30-4:00 Lindsay and Heidi Brandon T. and Heidi
Laura, Lindsay , and Heidi Vera and Josh
4:00-4:30 Lindsay (to 4:15) and Heidi Brandon T. and Heidi Laura, Lindsay (to 4:15), and Heidi
Laura (to 4:45) and Heidi