Metamorphosis is an ongoing opportunity to PUBLISH FLC STUDENT WORK. Each semester, we select 2 outstanding student papers to submit for online publication in Metamorphosis, the COPLAC Journal of Undergraduate Research and Creative Activity.

Because of the due dates, we always work one semester behind. In other words, you can submit excellent student work from Spring/Summer for consideration in the Fall edition of Metamorphosis and excellent student work from Fall for consideration in the Spring edition.

Brian Burke
FLC's Metamorphosis Committee Chair

We already have many fine FLC students represented in the current and past editions of Metamorphosis. Further, in each Spring edition, we typically publish one of the top papers from the FLC Campus Writing Awards.

How Can FLC Students Get Published?

Student proposals (shorter versions of final papers, listing a faculty sponsor) or the full paper (if available) will be due via email to Dr. Michael Martin by week 4 of each semester. Our review committee will select the 2 most outstanding proposals, with the winning authors and their faculty sponsors then having about 3 weeks to produce and submit a final 10-page paper in the proper format before the journal submission deadline. The final paper will appear in the online journal Metamorphosis.

The Metamorphosis Committee at FLC

  • Brian Burke, Co-Chair, Psychology
  • Michael Martin, Co-Chair, History
  • Bill Collins, Chemistry

  • Tino Sonora, Economics

  • Phil Shuler, Public Health

  • Kathy Fine-Dare, Anthropology

  • Ryan Smith, Physics & Engineering

  • Bill Mangrum, Writing Program