Music Department

Learning Outcomes

  • To provide an opportunity for all the students of this liberal arts institution to develop a better understanding of the musical arts.
  • To provide training in music leading to its associate careers.
  • To provide artistic leadership and musical performances for the enrichment of the cultural aspects of the college and community.

The Music Department has also established the following learning objectives:

  • in General Education, the music department should serve a large portion of the student population both in courses which require previous musical experience and in courses designed for the neophyte.
  • graduating seniors with majors in music should: demonstrate an understanding of the formal, harmonic, and melodic structure of standard musical literature
  • demonstrate performance competency in at least one area of applied music
  • demonstrate practical knowledge of keyboard skills
  • demonstrate an understanding of music in its historical context
  • where applicable (music education option), meet qualification requirements for certification by the Colorado State Department of Education.
  • musical performances should offer a wide variety of literature and styles in live concerts by both student and professional musicians. The college and community should both be actively involved in these programs.

College-Wide Goals addressed by Music Department:

  • Goals 1 and 3 and objectives 1, 2a, and 2d correspond to the college-wide goal, “Learning as Inquiry”.
  • Goal w and objectives 2b, 2c, 2e, and 3 correspond to the college-wide goal, “Responsible Action."